Sunday, November 29, 2009

Toronto Humane Society to review operations. YA THINK?

Isn't this rather like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted?

The Globe & Mail has an article entitled "Toronto Humane Society to review operations". The article states, "The society issued a statement Saturday saying it will hire a “well-respected expert in the field of animal care” as interim executive director."

Will this person be totally unrelated to the current regime at THS? Absolutely and provably third-party, objective?

I vote that THS hire Nathan Winograd.

Although....with what will surely be a dramatic decline in donations as people knee-jerk and withdraw financial support, paying legal fees for what I consider frivolous civil actions (I cannot see legal fees broken out in the financials or the CRA return) and paying for defense of the directors and officials charged, how much money will be left for all these plans?

How much money will be left for animal care?

Scuttlebutt - Rumour has it that a board director tried to get into the THS building today. I wonder why? Interesting. She didn't get in, btw.


Anonymous said...

Nathad Winograd!
Here's what that guy does. He teaches HS's how to pretend that they are no-kill, cute and cuddly, so that they can get donation money, when they are no such thing.

Social Mange said...

Here's some critical thinking for you.

No-kill is an ideal. It's impossible to attain. In any rescue or shelter there will be intake of animals who are beyond medical help and for whom euthanasia is a release from suffering, or those that are so psychologically damaged that they cannot be safely returned to the urban population.

Instead of libelling an individual, why don't you do some research on the organizations that suck millions of donor dollars with misleading advertising?

Geez, is it "I didn't take my psychotropic drugs" day on here?