Friday, September 7, 2007

Dalton musta flunked math...or thinks we all did.

Nice article in the Toronto Sun by Lorrie Goldstein skewering yet another of Premier Pinocchio's "promises". Read it here.

Mr. Goldstein is definitely counting the Fibs' promises, he's got a count of 71 to date..down from 231 in 2003.

Y'know, when Dalton makes these promises, is he crossing his fingers behind his back? Check the photos....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

If you vote for Dalton, you're a dolt

Premier Pinocchio is busily making promises, promises of what the he** has his government been doing for the last four years? Oh, yea, chasing dog and car owners, seizing private property at whim, and giving away munificent grants without a single application form as backup. Why are these matters suddenly important now? Because he'd sell his soul for a vote, and will promise the moon...purchased with your money, remember.

Remember that Premier Pinocchio went to court to ensure that he couldn't be held accountable for his election promises...and then proceeded to renege on so many, it was stomach-turning.

McGuinty's government went into office without a plan or a clue, and nothing has changed in four years.

Next time Smitherman boasts about wait times, I'll ask him why the he** my geriatric mother waited twelve hours in emerg, and the doctor saw a drug-addled junkie before my hard-working elderly mother. Hmmm, perhaps George has had more of an effect on health care than I previously thought. Or why, the next time she was in Emerg, the nurses couldn't tell me whether she had been admitted because the computer crashed. Seemingly, they were incapable of getting off their bee-hinds and circulating to find out what patients they had in Emerg. IN EMERGENCY. These were not people there for a nail clip, they were IN EMERGENCY. Is there no backup plan to keep track of people admitted to Emergency? Ever heard of pen and paper???

Dalton is attempting to curry favour by making promises on the basis of hurling our money around again, just like GrantScam. He should start courting the special interest groups anytime now. He opposes Tory's plan to fund faith-based education but is Dalton willing to pull the plug on funding RC schools? Bet'cha not. It's grossly hypocritical of Dalton to bash funding of other faith-based education if he's unwilling to stop giving public tax money to RC schools. That would take courage, a character severely lacking in the Fibs.

Flick off, Fibs. Your lights have been out since you've been in office.