Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And these, my friend, are desperate times

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Hi Everyone…..

Desperate times call for desperate measures . . . and that’s just what this is!

Go take a look! Bald Against BSL

This “stunt” is meant to do several things:

- to fundraise for the “Legal Challenge”

- to gain awareness for the "cause"

- to show just how serious and dedicated Tom and I are to rescue and to NOT GIVING UP on defeating this law!!!

- to hopefully inspire people to stand up for their rights as dog owners, as voters and know there is a HUGE support network beyond just us pushing to have this law repealed.

Please join us, please help . . . every 2 minutes, every $2 is greatly appreciated.

The money raised will be going to the Banned Aid Legal bills and AFTU to help cover the costs of the last few sets of "fugitives" we've transported out of province.

Thanking you in advance for your support,


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Monday, August 6, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood's Adventures in Rental Cottage Land

I’m searching for an apartment, after more than a decade in a house, in Toronto's currently hot downtown rental market. What an eye opener.

I’ve seen places where even the roaches got disgusted and were moving out…for four figures a month.
Others where I got claustrophobia before I'd even stepped in….for four figures a month.
Some where an obviously colour-blind or tasteless person did the painting and tiling *shudder*.
One where there will shortly be a 35-story condo construction site next door (blocking the whole balcony) for more than a year...for four figures a month. Sure, I want to pay four figures for dust and noise for more than a year, as well as blocked airflow and view, sign me up.

I love the ones that say "air conditioning available"...and you find that they've chopped a hole in the wall and stuck in a window air conditioner. That is not air conditioning, that's a waste of electricity.

Hey, when did concrete become a d├ęcor item? I’ve seen more unfinished concrete walls lately.…I’m told they’re “trendy”. Ya, and cheap to build, too. No drywall, no paint. You try to hang a picture on a concrete wall, good luck unless you have a power drill and a concrete bit. I wonder whether the concrete has been properly cured, or whether it will give off some luverly fumes for a while.

I know, I’m picky, but if I’m spending so much of my disposable income on my home, I’m entitled to be picky.

Onwards and.....onwards.

Light A Candle, Save A Life

From DogPolitics.com .


Please join us on Sunday, August 19th at 8 PM to Light A Candle, Save A Life in the My Dog Votes 3rd Annual Worldwide Candlelight Vigil Against Breed Bans.

Take a stand against breed bans and tell the world to stop killing innocent dogs. This is a peaceful way to send a very powerful message that we have a voice and a vote, and that we need laws based on Deed, Not Breed.


In the spirit of Deed, Not Breed, we'd like to announce the launch of a new website as the official site of the vigil: Light a Candle Save A Life

LightACandleSave A Life.com has the news, information, and sharing to help people connect, get organized or just learn more about how they can help stop breed bans.

The history - we started the vigil three years ago to stand in solidarity with dog owners in Ontario, Canada, who were also holding a vigil to mark the enactment of the province-wide breed ban, and as the means to commemorate the breed ban that had just been re-enacted in Denver.

In 2005 - we posted it on the DogPolitics.com blog to tell the world that these horrific laws were killing innocent dogs - and hurting good dog owners. Today - the vigil as grown from 24 locations in 2005 to over 200 locations scheduled for 2007.


We need you now more than ever, as breed bans, fear and ignorance are sweeping the world.

We invite you stand up for innocent dogs, no matter who you are, or where you may live.

You can hold just about any kind of vigil, whether it's a vigil for one in your own backyard or for one hundred of your closest friends or more in a public park.

Please do whatever is comfortable and meaningful for you.

Please visit Light A Candle Save A Life and use the online Sign Me Up form - this helps us keep track of all the vigil locations - and please include your zip or postal code. This helps us to keep track of and map all of the vigil locations and help to connect all of you!


Also -using the online sign up form, please indicate whether your vigil be private - just you & friends - or will it be public - will you allow other people gather with you?

People are asking where they can find a local vigil & just want to know you're holding a public vigil in case someone in your area would like to join you, so please let us know.


Take pictures & videos! You can now easily share your vigil images and videos on YouTube and Flickr!



We've had lots of people take pictures of their vigil in the past& send us beautiful photos, which are now loaded into the Flickr flash badge. Also - anyone can join the My Dog Votes World Vigil YouTube group and add their videos there.


Organizing a local vigil? Now you've got tools
Press Kit
Vigil Guide
Online sign up form
More on the way.

Thank you all for the work that you do each day, and thank you for standing up for innocent dogs and innocent dog owners. We can make a difference- and we can let the world know that we have a voice and we have a vote.

Please join the 3rd Annual My Dog Votes Candlelight Vigil Against Breed Bans on Sunday, August 19th at 8 PM and help us Light A Candle, Save A Life.

Thank you,

My Dog Votes

PS - Tell a friend! - Send this email to all the dog lovers on your list & ask them to sign up today!

PPS - Please vote in your next local election for the dog-friendly candidate of your choice.