Friday, March 28, 2008

Peta tries "libel chill"

UPDATE: has a chronological collection of Peta's murderous activities, read it here.

Check out the attempted intimidation by Peta of a blogger who reported Peta's 97% kill about it on . PetConnection did a good second-day post on it all, read it here. An update, Nathan Winograd got a letter as well. Two whole pages.

I didn't get a letter *sniffle*. I'm feeling abandoned and abused.
But don't tell Peta. They'll kill me, because it will be kinder than letting me suffer.

Peta's actions prove that it's frightened of the bloggers, and think that they have sufficient credibility to damage Peta's reputation. Way to go, Gina and Nathan!

The dopey Peta donors, foot soldiers and celebrity spokespeople (notice they're all B-listers?) had better wake up and smell the.......

Peta doesn't save animals, it kills them. And its leaders are raving hypocrites, with their "do as I say, not as I do" actions...Ingrid Newkirk accepting medical treatment being first and foremost. Hey, Ingrid, who tested your painkillers?

I wonder if the pieces of silver ever burn a Peta employee's palm?

The IRS has to revoke Peta's charitable status. Immediately.

H/T to Caveat.

We already know something stinks in Ontario.... this effluent just adds to the stench coming out of Queen's Park.

Four dogs seized near London from what was described as a "dog gulag" have been returned to the owner. The London Humane Society spokesperson says "We can't take the law into our own hands...but there may be some changes coming to the laws being proposed."

This sounds stinkingly to me like disguised Liberal propaganda for its promised (as-yet unseen) new "animal welfare" law. Considering that Liberal law has killed thousands of unoffending dogs and puppies solely based on their shape, I await this new McWhim...I mean, law...with fear in my heart.

Especially since "Mosquito" Zimmer accepted an award from an extremist animal "rights" group. The Liberals are suspected by many of being either pawns of or accomplices in the animal rights movement to end pet ownership.

The World Society for the "Protection" of Animals gave an award to Zimmer, who voted in lockstep to kill dogs solely on the basis of their shape and is because of that responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent dogs and puppies. So don't donate to WSPA. By giving Zimmer an award, the WSPA proved that it is run by idiots or extremists who want to eradicate domestic animals.

Also, I read the OSPCA Act and found the following:

Inspectors and agents to have powers of police officer
11. (1) For the purposes of the enforcement of this or any other act or law in force in Ontario pertaining to the welfare of or the prevention of cruelty to animals, every inspector and agent of the Society has and may exercise any of the powers of a police officer. R.S.O. 1990, c. O.36, s. 11 (1).

Doesn't that mean that an OSPCA inspector or agent could impound the animal and get an order preventing its return to the owner?

How about this?

Taking possession of animal
14. (1) An inspector or an agent of the Society may remove an animal from the building or place where it is and take possession thereof on behalf of the Society for the purpose of providing it with food, care or treatment to relieve its distress where,
(a) a veterinarian has examined the animal and has advised the inspector or agent in writing that the health and well-being of the animal necessitates its removal;
(b) the inspector or agent has inspected the animal and has reasonable grounds for believing that the animal is in distress and the owner or custodian of the animal is not present and cannot be found promptly; or
(c) an order respecting the animal has been made under section 13 and the order has not been complied with. R.S.O. 1990, c. O.36, s. 14 (1).

Wouldn't returning a dog to a "gulag" constitute returning it to the situation where it was in distress in the first place? Would the treatment to relieve the animal's distress could be as simple as getting a court order to prevent returning the animal to the place where it was distressed?

This whole situation stinks more than dog feces.

Add to this the fact that Mississauga Animal Control votes on whether a dog lives or dies based on its shape. Read about it here. Reminds me of the ancient Roman thumbs up, thumbs down. H/T to Barking Mad.

Someone told me there was a television piece about Ontario pounds routinely selling dogs to research labs after the minimum three day "stray stay", the only province to do that. That wouldn't surprise me, Ontario is nothing but a slaughterhouse for homeless animals.

Welcome to the Liberal Coliseum, where beloved animals are slaughtered for politicians' egos and ambition, photo ops and sound bites.

Help stop the slaughter.
Contribute to Banned Aid.

Thursday, March 27, 2008 gets it!

There is an excellent editorial on summarizing everything that's wrong with breed-specific legislation.

I love it. A media person has done the research and sees the truth. It's very heartening. Now to get the politicos to think beyond their noses.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are you discriminated against because of the shape of your dog?

Then add yourself to Mac's Map, and meet many other dog owners who have been legislated into second-class citizenship.

Ever think that politicians treat you like a stupid hooker?

That's right. Lots of trumpets and fanfare when there's a budget revealed, but DUH. They're buying your time with your money. The government treats us like dumb hookers, first getting the money from us to buy our time.

Rant off.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ladies on the tube!

Streaming video of the Rogers Cable March 19th Talk Live show is now available and listen as three very articulate ladies kick the stuffing out of Ontario's "pit bull" ban. Go to this page, pick March 19th from the TL Streaming Video 2008 dropdown menu on the right, and savour.

Heira's owner is on CHCH Television at 11:30 p.m. on Monday, March's channel 11 with antenna, I think it's Rogers Cable 10. Heira is the elderly dog in Brantford whose owners went to get her 2008 license, were told by the City they hadn't gotten her 2007 license, and that the City wants them to move Heira out of Brantford, kill Heira or hand Heira over to the SPCA. Here's a link to the original post. Brantford sucks. Big time. What a hole.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rachael Ray & Bernadette Peters have class...and love "pit bulls"!

Rachael Ray owned her own pibble, Isaboo (cute name), who passed away last year. Get another pibble, Rachael, there are thousands looking for good homes and you'd give a pup a great one! She has several pibbles on her sites...Bella, Pet of the Month...Daisy, the spokespuppy for Daisy Dog Studio porcelain, which gives half the proceeds from dog bowl sales to pit bull rescue...and has featured Bad Rap and Jonny Justice, one of the Vick-tim dogs, on her talk show.

An article about Bernadette Peters in the Miami Herald, read it here, states:

Kramer's Song is named for Peters' older pet, an 11-year-old ''shaggy dog, Heinz 57 variety,'' she said.
Peters' other pooch, Stella, is a 10-year-old pit bull.
Several years ago, Peters had a home in northern Miami Beach. Then she discovered a big problem: Pit bulls are illegal in Miami-Dade County.
''That's why we moved [to Vero Beach],'' Peters said. ``We were worried about Stella . . . We were afraid they'd take her.''
The pit bull law infuriates Peters. 'You can take any breed and wreck it if you say `Fight, fight, fight.' They're lap dogs. They're very loving.''
[end snip]

I'd like to see more celebrity "pit bull" owners be as outspoken and courageous as Bernadette Peters and Rachael Ray.

Apparently Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has pibbles, he has a huge audience and could do a lot of good for the fight against breed-specific legislation. Michael J. Fox owned pibbles; Jessica Biehl and others.

I'd love to see Jon Stewart and others make public donations to the Pit Bull Band in Denver and Banned Aid in Canada.

Celebrities can do a lot for this fight. For some reason, celebrities' opinions carry a lot of weight with people.

Speak up, people, because you and other responsible dog owners are being legislated into second-class citizenship and good, unoffending dogs are dying by the thousands solely because of their shape.