Sunday, November 7, 2010

McGuinty Lie-berals kill again

I'm stealing from Brindle Stick since there is a lot of news this month.

First, Cesar Millan's Junior was refused entry into the province. Why? Because of the way he looks under an unfounded, unjust, vague, shoddy, fiscally irresponsible and proven ineffective law.

Next, some court has ruled against Ginger. This is unbelievable. I hope Philip and Ginger get out of the hell that is Ontario.

How interesting that the City of Toronto, under David Miller and his pet-unfriendly council, "lost" the muzzle that was legal evidence. No slap on the wrist for that from the court?

Worst, two openly declared homosexual Lie-berals voted for a discriminatory, unjust law. Check the voting record, link above. Smitherman and Wynne should know the history of homosexuality well enough to know the repercussions of unfounded, unjust discrimination. So why the hell did they vote for Bill 132?

Stupidity? Lack of conscience? Lack of intelligence? Political ambition? Bootlicking? Lack of spine?

Let's see if the back rows of Lie-berals grow brains and spines and vote for Cheri Di Novo's bill to repeal breed-specific legislation in this province.

Or if they're mindless, conscienceless, remorseless jellyfish.