Friday, April 16, 2010

Phillip and Ginger need your help!


The McGuinty Liberal government is at it yet again. We need to fight for our rights in court.

THE DOG LEGISLATION COUNCIL OF CANADA'S second annual "DOLLARS FOR DOGS" Campaign on behalf of Phillip and Ginger, the Huggins family.

"Law abiding citizens are not being targeted by the ban". Former Attorney General for Ontario, Michael Bryant Sept 2005.

Nothing could be further from the truth if you own a dog of politically incorrect shape in Ontario.

Knowing that any dog born with the wrong 'look' would be seized and killed, Phillip Huggins made sure his best friend, an 8 year old " brown-haired" girl named Ginger, was in full compliance with the breed-specific regulations of the Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act.

On November 29, 2005, while Phillip's mother was walking Ginger, leashed and muzzled in compliance with DOLA, in a Toronto park, Ginger was savagely attacked by an unleashed dog.

So savage was the attack on Ginger, that Buddy (an alleged border collie/shepherd cross) tore Ginger's muzzle off and inflicted severe injuries to both Phillip's mom and Ginger. Ginger now has permanent damage to her left eye.

Now you think that it would be the owner of Buddy, that would be charged. Not so. Buddy's owner, the owner of an unleashed and aggressive dog that was not a politically incorrect shape, walked away almost free and clear.

Ginger wasn't so lucky. The City of Toronto Animal Control Officers seized Ginger illegally, without warrant or the consent of Ginger's owner.

Within hours, a destruction order was placed on Ginger to end her life while Phillip was charged with 3 counts under DOLA. Prosecutors attempted to strike a deal with Phillip, offering to drop all charges if he 'simply' handed over Ginger to be killed. Phillip would have nothing to do with it and said he would fight to the end.

Ginger spent 3 ½ years incarcerated simply for defending herself and Phillip's mother.

As a result of the charges and the battle in court Phillip lost his job, ended up on welfare and now suffers with depression.

Out of money and time, Clayton Ruby, an established human rights lawyer, took over the case. He knew the City of Toronto was wrongfully holding Ginger in the pound. Within days, Clayton Ruby went before a judge and Ginger was released back to her loving home until the next court date.

Despite a ruling which allowed Ginger to be free, the City of Toronto was granted an appeal on the ruling.

Phillip is yet again scheduled to appear in court again on May 26, 2010 at 10:30 AM at The Court of Appeals for Ontario.

Ginger is still at risk of losing her life.


As a result of the City of Toronto being granted an appeal, it is costing MUCH more than was anticipated.

If Phillip doesn't raise the funds, he may lose his appeal. He has come this far; if he stops now, the city will be granted the destruction order and Ginger will be killed.

Your financial help would be greatly appreciated.

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Please send payment in trust for Ginger to:

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heads up, Toronto voters and dog owners!

Addendum: A friend was in the Toronto emergency vet's the other night. A little boy was heartbroken because two large breed dogs (not "pit bulls") walked by two young girls had savagely attacked his little chihuahua puppy. The puppy probably wouldn't make it.

Where are Dalton McGuinty and David Miller when these incidents happen???
Nowhere. That's where.
Public safety, my a$$.


The mayoralty race in Toronto has several declared candidates, and Toronto dog owners should be asking these candidates some hard questions.

George Smitherman is a former McGuinty Liberal who voted for the Liberals' unfounded, unjust, inhumane, vague, shoddy, proven ineffective and proven fiscally irresponsible breed specific legislation. Does Smitherman intend to continue depriving law-abiding dog owners of their rights and killing innocent dogs because they're a politically incorrect shape? Will Smitherman turn Toronto into another Denver, a death camp for dogs mired in tax-dollar-sucking lawsuits?

Glen Murray was the mayor of Winnipeg, known for its draconian breed-specific legislation and which municipality was used by the McGuinty Liberals to try to prop up its BS-L. Does Murray intend to continue depriving law-abiding dog owners of their rights, and killing innocent dogs because they're a politically incorrect shape? Will Murray turn Toronto into another Denver, a death camp for dogs mired in tax-dollar-sucking lawsuits?

Other candidates are cyphers, unknowns. With this anonymity comes uncertainty; where do these candidates stand on dog owners' rights - indeed, all pet owners' rights?

Get your questions ready now and attend every public meeting possible, every candidates' session possible, to try to get straight answers from these candidates. Try really, really hard.

And get yourself to the polls on October 25, 2010 and VOTE.