Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't believe everything you read in the papers....

...because if you didn't already know or as you may have learned over the past few years with the MSM hyperbole about the McGuinty Liberals' deadly "pit bull" ban, someone pronouncing from a mass media outlet usually has an ulterior motive.

If you want the truth about Toronto Humane Society, read the THS response to Peter Worthington`s inflammatory and inaccurate article in the Toronto Sun. Click on the thumbnail on the left for the THS response.

Organization for the Rescue of Animals certainly was not pleased to be misrepresented in Mr. Worthington`s article. Read the ORA response here, click on the thumbnail on the left for the ORA response.

Mr. Worthington takes every opportunity to take cheap shots at THS and TAS. Now, why is that, do you suppose? I would think that any journalist worth his or her salt would clearly and publicly disclose any previous THS board service and any acquaintance with one or more former THS board members at the beginning of every article mentioning THS so that people can judge the journalist's objectivity and any personal motivation.

THS has done a 180 in the very few last years, thanks to the untiring efforts of the new board who had many obstacles to overcome - not the least, the damage to the Society's reputation caused by the actions of the "old guard" board.

TAS has different stakeholders and while there`s more to be done, it's taking great strides forward in animal care - working with rescue; providing needed veterinary intervention. Read the Pound Dogs story about Cini for information.

Criticizing from an armchair is easy. Doing something meaningful to effect change is hard.

Best of all possible worlds - go for tours of THS and TAS and volunteer with either organization. Inform yourself. Education is proof against ignorance.