Friday, October 16, 2009

It is past time for change at Toronto Humane

If you care about the welfare of animals, the use of money donated by the public and the conduct of a major municipal animal welfare organization, apply for membership in the Toronto Humane Society.

Go to the Association for Reform of Toronto Humane Society website and download the membership application form. Fill it out, enclose a CDN$ cheque or money order for the membership fee of your choice ($30.00 for annual, $10.00 for seniors, $1,000 for lifetime) payable to Toronto Humane Society (do NOT send cash), and mail it to The Toronto Humane Society, 11 River Street, Toronto, ON M5A 4C2.

Keep a copy of your membership application and your cheque. If you haven't received your membership card within a month, contact both Association for Reform of Toronto Humane Society at reformTHS AT and the Toronto Humane Society Protest Group at THSprotest AT (without the spaces and with @ instead of AT - I'm trying to fool the address scooping bots).

If there is to be any change for the better at Toronto Humane, it must be propelled by caring, informed and participating members. BE ONE.

For the animals.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Singing Elvis "Suspicious Minds"

I'm so suspicious of the McGuinty Liberals, I'm looking for the time bombs in the proposed Animal Health Act that was introduced in October. I"m always mistrustful of anything that refers to "as prescribed in the regulations" but the regulations aren't presented with the legislation.

Read it here, and let me know if you see any ticking time bombs in what is probably another vague and shoddy piece of Fib legislation. I see one already....

The Minister may establish and oversee the operation of a provincial traceability system for animals and specified things related to animals, and may authorize the collection, maintenance and use of information with respect to the system.

This could include dogs and authorize the release or publication of the personal information (name, address) of people who own dogs that have been falsely demonized by the McSquinty Fibs.

I'm not paranoid. They are out to get us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DOG FOUND! Lost dog, unfamiliar with Toronto, please help!

UPDATE: Stanley has been found! Thanks to One Bark At A Time and Toronto Dog Blog.


Please help find Stanley.

Pictures and information on One Bark At A Time.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Give the federal Liberals a reality check

A Liberal MP has introduced a Bill to amend the Old Age Security program to permit immigrants to apply for OAS after only three years in Canada, without working one day or contributing one cent in income taxes. It is Bill C-428 and can be read here.

To my eye, the OAS is insufficiently funded and cannot support the wave of applications that would follow if this Bill is passed.

Financial support of an immigrant, especially an immigrant senior, must be the sole responsibility of the sponsoring family.

Write your federal MP and the head of the political party responsible for this Bill, Michael Ignatieff, and tell them to vote No on Bill C-428 regardless of political allegiance. This Bill is unfair to working Canadian taxpayers and fiscally irresponsible.