Friday, June 8, 2007

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Michael Bryant's puppy killing law strikes again

Nice, Michael. Seven week old puppies and their mother are to be killed just because of their shape. Because of a vague, shoddy, unfounded and unjust law. Are you proud of yourself?

Have these puppies bitten anyone or anything? No.

Can anyone know what breed they are? No, because they're apparently mutts. Mutt is not a breed.

They are doomed to die because of political manipulation, misinformation and ambition. The puppies and their mum are the wrong shape for the Ontario Liberals.

It's a canine form of xenophobia.

Where are the yelping animal "rights" people when puppies are being killed? Nowhere, that's where. Because these puppies are the wrong shape. Hypocrites.

And what about the dogs that are the "right" shape, that have bitten and attacked? Most of them are probably back with their owners.

The Ontario Liberals make me sick.

Arnold to be the Terminator of dogs and cats in California???

Read the info on Caveat and weep. If this Bill isn't stopped by the California Senate or vetoed by the state Governor, it's the end of pet ownership for the average person in California.

This will only lead to out-of-state puppy millers and kitten millers stepping up their efforts, abusing animals to garner the almighty dollar. Cross-border trade in animals will boom and animal welfare will go bust.

Who is the sun-fried brain in California responsible for this, who was led by the nose by Peta and HSUS in their campaign to eradicate domestic dogs and cats and end pet ownership?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

For the person in NB with too much time on their hands....

Well, I am advised by good friends that someone in New Brunswick was searching the Internet for a picture of me. All ya had to do was's one of me on a good day. That, or someone mentioned the Ontario Fibs in my presence.

Cheers, Dianne

Ran across a new blog today....

...Joanne's Journey, I like her summation of the political doings in Ontario.

Sing along now....How can you mend a broken promise...

Dalton is apparently upset that the media is slamming him for broken promises. I like Ian Urquhart's writing, he's a fair government critic.

To keep this all fresh in the minds of voters for the October election, I'm going to get a t-shirt and fabric marker and make a "Liberals Legacy" t-shirt, listing as many broken promises and inane initiatives as I can, and wear it to public events.

Perhaps some other creative sorts might do something similar? Nothing libellous, of course...the truth is damaging enough to the Fibs.

Ontario - Fiberal Free in 2007.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dis 'n dat

Caveat and chicobandido got some nice bodyslams against the Fibs today.

And just to spoil your day, a report on a US animal breeder who IMHO should have been prohibited from owning any animal for a lifetime. A $3,000 fine was not enough, and there's nothing to prevent her from acquiring more animals. How on earth does any person live with dead bodies decomposing in the house???

OK, I've had enough of humans today.

Excellent rebuttal to foolishness

The blog No Pit Bull Bans has a great rebuttal to a hysterical op-ed piece that ran in the Savannah Morning News.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Perfect title!

If You Don't Like Cute Pictures. ^5 to Caveat.

Another great weekly roundup... KC Dog Blog.

Dalton needs a new pair of running shoes... keep up with the ambulances he's chasing lately.

First, callously and opportunistically using Jordan Manners' tragic death for photo ops and sound bites, now the deaths of two people in a police chase (one an innocent in a taxi cab) for more photo ops and sound bites. McGuinty's behaviour reminds me of a dog chasing a car; so busy running after it, he won't know what to do if he catches it.

And he's promising no more tax hikes and that we can "trust him". Yea, yea, yea, that's what he said four years ago and we were immediately slapped with the health care tax after the Fibs went into power. Fiberal semantic footwork aside (remember, it wasn't a tax, it was a "premium"), if a government takes more money out of my pocket, it's a tax.

Trust is a privilege that's earned, and once lost cannot be recovered.

The Fibs have abused the trust of Ontario residents with their numerous broken promises and willingness to hide behind a court decision to avoid accountability, shameful waste of tax dollars (the sham committee "hearings" on the amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act spring to mind), a ban-ban-ban mentality that proves their lack of thought, research and common sense on issues, passing legislation that stomps on law-abiding people and makes them into second-class citizens, utter lack of transparency, and their ridiculous waste of Legislature time (ban fresh fish in sushi, anyone?).

Do I trust a Fib promise? Not one iota. And if anyone trusts an Ontario Fiberal promise, they should have their gray matter checked.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Time to start our own campaign

The fall election will be hotly contested with a lot of yelling and foot stamping by all the parties. You know, the usual political BS.

What responsible dog owners have to do is prepare NOW for the fall campaign, and be ready to wage war.

Get lists of questions ready, attend campaign meetings and ask candidates the questions that will make them squirm, and don't accept a smoke-and-mirrors answer.

Some in the trenches are working on materials that will help people unaccustomed to political campaigns. More on that later.

Hey, they didn't ask me

The Toronto Sun says this fall's election will be a doozy, that the Grits and Tories are neck-and-neck. Canadian Press says that McGuinty expects a "tough" campaign. Well, none of these pollsters asked me.

Here's my letter to the Sun (which they'll never publish) on the election issue:

It's unfortunate that SES Research didn't poll me, or any of the responsible dog owners I know. The percentages would have been dramatically different if they had.

McGuinty and the Fiberals consistently break promises (which to me is lying), and flip-flop like dying fish. The Fiberals govern this province solely by crisis management, with no cohesive or thoughtful plan or action. They run trumpeting media campaigns for what, on examination, usually turn out to be minor actions that haven't been thoroughly thought out and have a negative impact on Ontario residents and businesses.

Thinking dog owners of all breeds understand that the Fiberals made them into second-class citizens and opened the door to eradicating dog ownership in this province. I do not think that the Fiberals understand the depth of the animosity their unfounded and unjust actions have created, animosity that will be carried to the voting booth in October.

I don't need to tell the Fibs to flick off. Their lights have been out for a long time.