Saturday, February 16, 2008

Perhaps Toronto Animal Services seized him as a "pit bull"?

UPDATE 2008 2 18: Huckleberry was recovered and is back home.
Unfortunately, Munchie is still under a death sentence.

Does no one in the mainstream media or the Ontario Legislature see the terrible irony in this?


Apparently a dog walker left a dog tied up in front of a bakery while she did business inside, and when she returned the dog was gone. The owner is offering a $15K reward for the dog's safe return.

I think the owner should comb the kennels at Toronto Animal Services; perhaps they're all patting themselves on the back for seizing another "pit bull". The dog in the photo looks a lot like Munchie to me, and the mighty minds at TAS decided he was a "pit bull"...whatever that is, because it isn't a breed.

All the OntFibs must be cheering, another "pit bull" off the streets. Of course, TAS hasn't seized Laurel Broten's "pit bull" yet, despite the fact it's walked without a muzzle and frequently offleash. Must be nice to have immunity. The Fibs seem to have dropped the "ticking time bomb" BS...perhaps they wisened up to the fact they had their own "ticking time bomb".

Hey, where's Michael Doi? The senior AG lawyer is attending a ton of municipal dog cases - bet he's thrilled and that's SO why he got his law degree. I guess his superiors thought it more important that he and others chase dogs' tails than take action about slow prosecution in the AG's department.

Why isn't the Star asking if Huckleberry is a "pit bull"? Economics and demographics, perhaps? Yonge and Roxborough is an upper-middle-class area; everyone just KNOWS there are no criminals or "pit bull" owners in THAT area.

The article doesn't state whether the dog was neutered; if he wasn't, his pups will probably be turning up in flea markets and pet stores across the land. Which, of course, TAS does NOT inspect or even monitor; hence the rabid pups incident recently. TAS is too busy chasing "pit bulls" to do something like attend to animal welfare. Brings to mind the city worker who used to take long, LONG naps in his truck in the 6th Street park, then moved to Lake Promenade for a while.

Sarcasm and segues aside, I feel very sorry for the owner and the dog. This is not the first time a dog has been stolen in that area. It reinforces that you must NEVER leave your dog unattended.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another dog sentenced to die in the McGuinty Gulag

UPDATE!!! The Ontario Attorney General's Office apparently ILLEGALLY using copyrighted breed standards to kill dogs! Read it on Caveat! And see pictures of Munchie!!! I want whatever drugs Toronto Animal Services and the AG's office were on when they turned Munchie into a "pit bull"!

Lab owners, reinforce your doors, they're coming for you next!


Read it and weep.

In short - A woman lives near a man who allegedly repeatedly made threats, tried to kill her dog, broke down her door and held her at knifepoint, and Toronto Animal Services spends tax dollars to kill her dog as quickly as possible.

If you own property of a certain shape, a dog, you are a second-class citizen in the Dictatorship of Ontario. Especially if you're a woman, young, or without a certain income (aka poor).

Regardless of the fact that you are a law-abiding citizen who has never done wrong, you have fewer rights than a pedophile, drug dealer, or a violent lunatic who repeatedly threatens you, tries to kill your dog, breaks down your door and holds you at knifepoint.

Your "property of a certain shape" - your dog - can be a Lab, a boxer, a mastiff, a Great Dane, a Shar-Pei, a Rhodesian Ridgeback or any one of dozens of breeds. That doesn't begin to include the crossed and mixed breed dogs of uncertain heritage that people may claim are "pit bulls".

Remember that former Attorney General Michael Bryant, the architect of Ontario's breed ban, was unable to identify the American Pit Bull Terrier in a series of pictures of purebred dogs.

The McGuinty Liberals passed an unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy law bolstered only by inflammatory rhetoric and repudiated by all qualified canine experts, at a time when the party's public appeal was very low.

The McGuinty Liberals ignored the canine experts who said this law was wrong, and ignored the common-sense advice for improving public safety with regards to dogs.

As we can see in this case, the McGuinty and Bryant law did not protect this woman or her property. In fact, it will deprive her of her property by killing her dog, because under this law anyone who owns a dog of a certain shape is a second-class citizen.

The McGuinty Liberals are responsible for this woman's terror and her dog's death. For making law-abiding people into second-class citizens and targets of legislated harassment and assault, based solely on the shape of property they own.

Whenever I see a picture of McGuinty or Bryant, I can see the blood on their hands. Only and all for political ambition.

Montreal Gazette hits one out of the park

An editor at the Montreal Gazette has written a wonderful editorial...the clarity of vision and understanding is heartening. You can read it here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ville-Marie, Montreal must be short of oxygen

Read it and weep. The morons are taking over the earth. There's a problem with irresponsible dog owners, so the good burghers of Ville-Marie want to ban a broad spectrum of dogs, and make their law-abiding owners into second-class citizens.

Of course, they're going to rush it through. Let's not learn from the experience of experts and other jurisdictions where breed-specific legislation has failed, including Ontario.

Allowing the police to shoot a dog on sight??? Is that going to include shooting your dog just because of its shape??? They'd better have lots of liability insurance for the bystanders who will undoubtedly be hit by stray bullets. And possibly killed.

Whatever happened to democracy? To all being equal under the law?

It's being crushed under the bootheel of political ambition and animal "rights" extremists who want to end pet ownership.

And braindead, complacent Canadians just bend over and take it. Start yelling, people, before the rights people fought and died for, are gone. Forever. Just like our pets.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Is Mikey on Dalton's *hit list?

First, Mikey Bryant gets demoted (commonly acknowledged, regardless of Fibspin). Now, this from the Toronto Star...

[snip]A 2003 report for the Attorney-General has identified serious problems in the province’s special prosecutions unit, including lack of experience and resources.

Those problems may have helped cause the collapse of the corruption case against six Toronto police officers, say those familiar with the unit. [end snip]

Hmmm. What was Mighty Mikey doing in 2003? Why, chasing his tail to get his "pit bull" ban passed, of course.

This report was issued during Mikey's watch, for his ministry. I wonder how badly he's going to get slagged in the very near future...because Dalton doesn't seem to take kindly to usurpers. Notice how quiet Mikey's been lately? Who glued the cork in his mouth and put the bag over his head to end the photo ops?

I wait with bated breath and anticipation of much amusement.

While we wait, a lovely piece on Caveat entitled Every Now And Then, Someone Comes Along. Read it here.