Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is the only question you need to ask yourself...

...before voting on October 6th in Ontario.

Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?

I certainly am not, and here's why.

1. I and thousands of other law-abiding dog owners were legislated into second-class citizenship by the McGuinty Liberals. Solely for optics.

2. Despite raises and bonuses (I have a wonderful employer), I am not as well off financially as I was eight years ago due to new/increased provincial taxes imposed by and increased electricity costs caused by the McGuinty Liberals.

3. I see no respite from the crippling tax burden caused and imposed by the McGuinty Liberals since they have spent Ontario into a huge f*cking hole (think eHealth, Ontario Lottery Corp, Children's Aid, Municipal Property Assessment Corp., Ontario Power Generation, out of control Sunshine List, Cancer Care Ontario, unsolicited and undocumented grants to special interest groups, 25% MPP pay raises, lawsuits for cancelled projects, the Mississauga and Oakville power plant debacles, the green energy debacle, funding transexual surgery but crapping out on autistic kids, the nursing home mess, the health care mess) and wasted billions of taxpayers' hard-earned dollars.

4. The provincial debt is now in excess of $236 Billion Dollars. That's $236,300,000,000.00.

Think about where you stood financially, legally and medically eight years ago, and where you are today.

That will tell you how to vote on October 6th.