Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now is the time for people to rally behind Toronto Humane Society. For the animals.

As said time and time again, the Toronto Humane Society needs new leadership. The current board and executives need to resign and a new, clean slate elected.

The new board will have one heck of a hard road to travel - trust in the Toronto Humane Society has been badly eroded, if not eradicated - but with hard work, good communications and proof of improved animal welfare, they can restore the lustre to THS's reputation.

Now is the time for people to rally to save THS, whether it's by volunteering or by donating. The ship hasn't sunk, it just needs a new crew.

I think (someone with charities knowledge, please check and advise) that if you mark your donation cheque "For animal care only", the money can't be used for the legal defense of the directors and officials, but that would have to be checked. I'm sickened that the honchos were so complacent they didn't have D&O liability insurance in place, and public money donated for animals will be spent defending Trow & Co.

It is essential to hold a members' meeting as quickly as possible, vote out the existing board and vote in people who actually care about the animals, will act as true directors, true fiduciaries, who will use the public's donations for the animals and restore the lustre to THS's reputation.

This should not be about reputations, egos or tempers. This should be about the animals.
For the animals.
Isn't that what Toronto Humane Society is supposed to be?

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Maureen Sheridan said...

Good article. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong. It is - or should be - all about the animals.