Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oprah Winfrey, you've been had

Remember the guy who scammed you about his book? Well, a bigger scam has been run on you this time. Having Wayne Pacelle of H$U$ on your show is a kick in the teeth to responsible dog owners, shelters and rescues everywhere.

Dog Politics says it all very well. Read it here.

Caveat, as usual, had many very good comments. Read those here.

Certain people have the access and authority to do much good...but know so little, and do not know they know not, they instead do harm.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Heira and Brantford

Barking Mad has an update on Heira...sounds like the tin pot despots of Brantford, 11th most dangerous city in Canada, are utterly lacking in both common sense and compassion.

I hope Heira's owners soundly trounce Brantford's dimbulb by-law in court. And then the owners who had to surrender their dogs to be killed, or had to move, or had to rehome their dogs, should sue Brantford city councillors for pain and suffering.

Thinking of Brantford and then of Ontario in general, I can only quote Miss Bette Davis...

"What a dump."

Vote for your favourite fool!

No, it's not pictures of Ontario Liberals, or Brantford city's pibbles dressed up for April Fool's Day! It's the Pit Bull Rescue Central 3rd Annual "I Pittie The Fool" contest... Check them out, they're adorable.

H/T to Barking Mad and KC Dog Blog.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let's vote on Liberal MPPs appearance

As noted somewhere below, John Stewart of has reported on his Random Access blog that Mississauga Animal Services votes on whether or not to kill a dog based on its appearance. Even the janitor gets a vote. Wag The Dog correctly identifies this as a perverse beauty contest, with death as the winner's prize.

So, I decided to start my own vote on whether Liberal MPPs should be voted out of office based solely on appearance. This is my perverse beauty contest; feel free to join in.

First to go would be Dalton McGuinty, the chinless wonder who reminds me of a turtle with a receding hairline. That's an unacceptable physicality to me. I've never trusted people whose faces recede into their necks. No real reason, it's based solely on appearance.

Next would be Mikey Bryant. Short men are never to be trusted; they are "ticking time bombs". It's that Napoleon complex in their genes, y'know, makes them mean.

Now, let's talk behaviour.

There are several slavering sycophants who go in a group. Following instinctive pack behaviour has killed dogs, indulging in learned pack behaviour should be sufficient reason to boot the sycophants. I pick Delaney and Zimmer as the first to go, as they have shown the most learned pack behaviour.

Then the chemical blondes, chemical brunettes and chemical redheads. Laurel Broten comes to mind, the woman who owns a "substantially similar" dog but voted in lockstep to kill them. Never trust a woman who has poured heavy metals onto her skull for years, it has to affect her brain.

Your turn.