Saturday, November 24, 2007

Got a minute? Make a difference!

I know, Christmas (Hanukah, Kwanzaa, whatever) is coming, yadda yadda...well, instead of giving some consumable crap that will wind up in the garbage, give (and have) the knowledge of helping with something important. Make a financial contribution to a cause.

The Banned Aid Coalition is still battling the Ontario Liberals' unfound, unjust, vague and shoddy breed-specific legislation. This is an incredibly important matter on several fronts. It's a matter of citizens' rights - the right of law-abiding people not to be legislated into second-class citizenship. The right of law-abiding people not to be put in untenable situations, and having their dogs threatened just because of their shape. We cannot let a government whittle away our rights on the basis of some politician's ruthless and callous ambition, without a single fact to support it. Donate now!

Check the Banned Aid site for information on how to donate.

Or, if your preference runs to the feline...

I volunteer for Abandoned Cats Rescue and received a heart-wrenching e-mail from the adoption coordinator. Two lovely cats (unrelated) were taken into the shelter with broken legs, and did not receive any medical care for a week. AbCats rescued these cats and the cats are now at a partner veterinarian's receiving proper medical care.

The medical bills for these cats will be big, and a huge drain on a small rescue. If you can spare $5, $10, $20, please donate to Abandoned Cats Rescue. AbCats is a registered Canadian charity, donations of $20 and more receive a tax receipt.

Go to the Abandoned Cats Rescue website to find out how to donate.

Here are the beautiful kitties' pictures...Roxie is on the left, Tisha is on the right. Roxie's pelvis is broken, and Tisha's front leg is broken.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weep for Buddy, and for all the other dogs being killed because of their shape.

Unoffending dogs, dogs that have done nothing wrong but be born the wrong shape, killed by lying politicians and media manipulation of public opinion.

Read Buddy's story on Caveat and weep. I did. And do.