Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughan voters, check this out

There are two important by-elections being held on September 6th in Ontario; one in Kitchener-Waterloo and the other in Vaughan.  Votes in these jurisdictions should think and read everything possible before voting.  Here's some food for thought.

Teachers state that they did not intend to strike in September.  McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals are playing a shell game using teachers as the distraction.

McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals are playing another shell game with doctors, using them as another distraction.

McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals are now threatening to go after police officers and firefighters.

Why the shell games?  Because McGuinty & Co. are trying to change the channel, get voters' minds off the bloody mess the Liberals have made of the province.
This is only a partial list of the messes and scandals created by the waste, neglect and spendthrift ways of the Ontario Liberals:

- Broken promises back from 2007

- Going to court to ensure the Fibs can't be held to election promises (that's a biggie, remember that one when a Fib shows up at your door)

- Lack of openness, transparency, governance

- Not one single long-term care home built in nine years.  Wait for LTC stretches for years.

- No clear safety and security for residents in existing LTC homes

- Health tax imposed after promise of "no new taxes"

- Incredible wait times in emergency rooms

- Caledonia, where property owners were abandoned by the Fibs

- GrantGate, millions of taxpayers' dollars flushed without proper application, approval or documentation

- The hundreds, possibly thousands of missing driver’s license blanks that just aren't mentioned anymore

- Severe OHIP cuts

- ORNGE air ambulance scandal

- McGuinty refusing to testify before ORNGE committee 

- Misinformation about cancelling the slot machine arrangement with Ontario racetracks and refusal to face the repercussions for Ontario horse people (property, jobs)

- eHealth


- $190 million of taxpayers' money to buy threatened Fib seats in the fall election by cancelling construction of gas plants (the cost of the cancellation is estimated to go beyond one billion dollars)

- Bonuses to 98% of senior managers in public service


- The "green energy" debacle

- Eco fees
- Soaring energy costs (driving manufacturing out of the province)

- Cancellation of vital Northern Ontario transport and the jobs that go with it

- Over 600,000 people unemployed and no clear and feasible strategy to create jobs

- Downgrades in the province's credit ratings

- Debt that will not be paid off for generations.

Please think carefully before you vote.  McGuinty and the Liberals have made a formerly prosperous province into the North American equivalent of a third-world country.  You hold in your hands the opportunity to make a difference in this province.  I believe the McGuinty Liberals don't deserve your support.