Tuesday, December 1, 2009


HOT TIP - Buy a copy of the December 1st Globe and Mail. Actually buy the paper, don't just read it online. Show your support for the the paper that stuck its neck out and the journalist who went for the truth, to get the Toronto Humane Society conditions and management exposed.

Bandit. A dog that was failed by everyone in his short, sad life. The owners of his parents, who carelessly bred him. His first owner, who failed to train and control him. Tim Trow at THS, who failed to train and control him. Bandit has had a sad, sorry life that will probably be much shorter than it should. Because of human failure.

Someone pointed out that the THS website suddenly calls the place a "hospital". Oh, gee, if THS is suddenly a "hospital" (news to me, and many others), maybe THS will now neuter the animals before they adopt them out.

How much donors' money did Pell Capone's quotes in the papers cost? Enquiring minds want to know. Considering all the donors who have vowed not to give another cent while the current regime is in place, how does THS plan to pay for all its plans to go to court for this, and go to court for that?

Please read these lovely words from a wise woman.

Keeping Positive

for the Animals of the Toronto Humane Society

Hey Gang,

The past few days have been so emotional for all of us. The media coverage surrounding the events at the Toronto Humane Society is overwhelming and there is always the concern for sensationalism. That's why communication is so important in times like these. Communication and truth. But above all else, there must be love. Everyone has their own opinion about this horrendous situation. Emotions run high, accusations fly and anger runs deep. But, if we can just stop for a minute, put our egos aside, and remember what this is truly all about. Not revenge. Not competition. What matters is for us to come together and be there for animals that are counting on us now more than ever.

This past weekend, many of my friends joined the wonderful staff and volunteers of the Toronto Humane Society, putting aside their sadness and their pain that we've all felt over the last few years, to help the animals. They are my heroes. And as long as we continue to show this love above everything, we'll be successful in the only goal that matters - returning the Toronto Humane Society to the place it was always meant to be, a place where animals have a second chance.

Staying Positive for the Animals,
Your Devoted Rescuer,
Marna Gale
An Assistance Agency for Beagles Experiencing Troubled Times
Proudly Mending the Hearts of Down-On-Their-Luck Beagles Since 2001


Anonymous said...

For those who wish to continue supporting the THS animals (as opposed to the board and management)with donations, two options are suggested by people close to the THS reform group.

1. Donate items to the shelter, such as food, blankets and towels.
2. The OSPCA has set up a separate donation fund for the THS to be used for animal care NOT other issues such as legal defence for the board.
Call 1-888-668-7722 and go to extension 322. Phones are a bit busy right now, so please leave a message if you must. If you are a current monthly donor, you should be able to change your billing to go to this fund, at least until new administration is in place.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're staying "positive". Most of the time I find your blog so negative, sarcastic and cynical, I can hardly stand to read it.

Social Mange said...

The OSPCA confirmed the donation info in the first comment.

Second Anonymous, I is whatz I is. Each to their own.

Joanne said...

To save everyone a lot of calls, send a check or donate by credit card. Cheques made payable to OSPCA with THS in memo line and forwarded to OSPCA, 16586 Woodbine Avenue, R.R. #3, Newmarket L3Y 4W1. You can make the donation as a gift and have an acknowledgment card sent to the person in whose honour it is made and obviously including their address and your message.

Anonymous said...

You are callous and despicable for not mentioning, nor expressing any sympathy for the little boy who Bandit almost killed. Shame on you! You remind me of some vicious people who worked at the THS who thought the more you showed contempt for people the greater you must love animals. As people got bit and mauled all around them, they laughed and mocked them. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Negative and sarcastic, what the hell else is there? If you can't be critical and truthful, then you can only agree and go along and aid and abet ... hey, you must have worked at the THS.

Social Mange said...

Hey, last Anonymous, if you have evidence of THS staff who laughed at people getting bitten you should be talking to the OSPCA, not commenting on a blog.

As for your other accusations - I'm talking about a dog, not a child. In any child/dog incident, the child and the dog both lose. Fingers should be pointed at the dog's owner and possibly the child's parents.

Your accusations are just so much hot air. As is, in my opinion, your opinion of me.

Social Mange said...

"Negative and sarcastic, what the hell else is there? If you can't be critical and truthful..."

Exactly. And to clarify, I never worked at THS.