Saturday, December 5, 2009

Interesting thought on THS's sudden name change

I did some rummaging through press releases and note that Toronto Humane Society didn't add "Hospital" to its name until November 28th.

Perhaps someone should have mentioned it to THS's general counsel, who issued a press release for the Toronto Humane Society (sans Hospital) on November 29th.

A friend is doing some digging, for thits and giggles...stay tuned.

December 6th updates:

OSPCA press release entitled Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Finds More Evidence of Cruelty and Mismanagement at Toronto Humane Society.

Toronto Star article about THS unpaid bills and employees losing their benefits because the insurance bill wasn't paid.

On that full-page ad in Metro a few days ago (which kindasortasomewhat made me wanna hurl)...did anyone mention to Bob Hambley that this ain't about him? I don't give a flying fig if he's living in a cardboard box in the middle of the road, just like I don't give a flying fig what Tim Trow reads in his spare time.

I don't want bumpf like that full-page ad. Anyone know how many donor dollars that ad cost?

I want full, clear and honest answers on what exactly THS has been doing for the animals in its care, what exactly THS has been doing with its donor dollars, and what the board of directors has been doing while all this was going on. I want to know how many board meetings occurred in the last year, who attended, and how long the meetings lasted. I want to know why the AGM was such a travesty.

I want full accountability and transparency from the board of directors of THS.

Want to run a pool on whether I'll get what I want for Christmas?

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thsprotest said...

Donation Drive for the Animals

The Toronto Humane Society Protest Group is organizing a HUGE donation drive for the animals at the Toronto Humane Society this weekend! There are over 1000 animals at the shelter right now that need your help. The animals will really appreciate the donations and the staff and volunteers will put them to good use!

Between the hours of 7am and 7pm on Saturday December 12th and Sunday December 13th please drop off donations at the Toronto Humane Society. The address is 11 River Street, which is at the corner of Queen Street East and River St.

Here is a list of supplies that the animals in the shelter desperately need.

For the Dogs

Used and new blankets. Please avoid down filled comforters as some of the dogs like to destroy their blankets. Feathers make a huge mess.

Dog beds of all sizes.

Good quality leashes and collars of all sizes. Please make sure they are strong. We wouldn’t want any dogs to break away from their collars while on a walk.

Plastic basket muzzles of all sizes. Pit Bulls need to wear them on their walks.

Plastic bags for the dog walkers

Strong dog toys of various sizes. Kongs, and squeaky toys for the cages, frisbees and large rubber balls for the dog parks.

Grooming supplies. Hair clippers, nail clippers, brushes, shampoo,

For the Cats

Plastic cat toys. Plastic ones are better than fabric ones as the plastic ones can be disinfected properly. The cats and kittens have been living in small cages with almost no stimulation. Some of these cats have been at the shelter for years and would appreciate a toy.

Towels and small cat beds for their cages.

Powdered KMR (Kitten Meal Replacement).

Large plastic litter boxes with no hood.

Cat treats

Grooming supplies like nail clippers and brushes.

Metal Bowls (no plastic please)

For the little guys in the small domestics department

Hideaways and Houses





Exercise wheels

Water bottles that clip to the cage

Cages of all sizes

Bedding and Litter

Anything else you think that a rabbit, rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, gerbil, or chinchilla would enjoy.