Sunday, November 29, 2009

McGuinty government dragging its feet. Still.

Newest allegation against Toronto Humane Society directors and executives is that cats were fed food that had expired six years ago. Dry food that old would be beyond rancid. Doesn't surprise me, with all the legal bills the THS executives were running up with frivolous civil suits. Priorities were a tad screwed up, methinks.

The Ontario Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee has refused to become involved. Quoted in the Globe and Mail, Brendan Crawley, a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Attorney General, wrote in an e-mail Friday, “In situations where there is proof of misappropriation or misapplication of charitable funds, the Public Guardian and Trustee, under the Charities Accounting Act, may begin a court application for appropriate relief.”

Brendan, dearie, shouldn't the OPG conduct an investigation to see if there is misappropriation or misapplication? Is the public supposed to do OPG's work for it? What does it take to get the OPG off its ass?

Has the OPG ever sent the complaints it received about THS to the ministry responsible for corporate governance issues, the Ministry of Government Services (at least, that's the ministry responsible this week)? What is the Minister of Government Services (this week, anyway), Harinder Takhar, doing?

McGuinty's government is a collection of uncommunicative islands, with no regard for issues raised time and time again. It's also a place of stasis, where nothing happens unless McGuinty & Co. think it will garner votes.

Nooo, McGuinty and his minions would rather kill innocent dogs than save animals and a 100-year old public institution.

And the directors of THS would rather keep all its Trow-glodytes in place and sink the ship. So much for their expressions of concern for animals.

Crocodile tears.

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