Friday, May 20, 2011

My response to Tim Trow's latest communication about Toronto Humane Society....

Update: Pound Dogs has a reasoned, well-written post about how Trow getting back is a slap in the face to needy animals and will probably spell the death of Toronto Humane. Read it here.

Selkie has some great straightforward answers to the nonsense being circulated by the Old Guard who want to reign again at Toronto Humane. Read it here. Read more here and here.

Since both Trow and Hambley are making a run to try to control Toronto Humane again, you should make yourself aware of their behavour at the last AGM they ran. A friend of mine had serious questions that Trow, Hambley et al never even acknowledged, let alone answered.

Update2: Some friends are shredding Trow's white-paper proxy and mailing the shreds back to him. Hey, may as well make use of the stamp.

Here's my response to his letter......

Here's my response to his request for my proxy......

'Nuff said.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Very important for residents of Toronto!

The City of Toronto is looking to cut costs, and the last place costs should be cut or services should be privatized is Toronto Animal Services.

Pound Dogs has an excellent post on the rationale for that statement, read it here.

Then fill out the City's online survey (or get a paper copy), there's a link in Pound Dogs post, and let them know that privatizing animal services will lead to spiralling costs, institutionalize animal abuse, skyrocket the euthanization rates and degrade the City's reputation.