Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fiberal MPP stomps on the neighbours again

UPDATE: Check out this story in the Toronto Star, read it here....I love this part, Laberge hammering yet another nail into the coffin of his wife's political career, hehehe...
"It (the garage) is going to be about an inch from the tree," said John Sullivan, who added he witnessed Laberge shouting at Robinson about the OMB challenge a few weeks ago.
"He (Laberge) said, `I hope you have lots of money, I hope you have a lawyer.' I was shocked," said Sullivan.
Broten said, "It's a single car footprint with a lift to accommodate one car and a bunch of strollers and bikes ... you can only imagine ... how much stuff twins come with."
What a pile of hooey. The people I've known with twins, several of them, didn't need a two-story garage to store a stroller and some toys.
Apparently a neighbour with a plain ole' single-storey garage had to lower the roof. Hope he goes to the OMB to object to this monstrosity.
And that voters remember this arrogance and sense of entitlement when they go to the polls in October.

Environment Minister Laurel Broten, with her Mississauga Gothic monster home in a neighbourhood of smaller homes, pool in the backyard, at least four cars in the driveway (how many adults in the house?) including her hubby's Porsche and Benz....gee, how green is she? NOT.

Now there's a proposal to build a two storey garage. A two story garage with an auto lift. How much power will that suck, and how much noise will it create? How can an Environment Minister justify this? Read about it here...and here.
Check out this line..."She doesn't know the dimensions, it's her husband's project". How convenient. Ya, vacuum in your heels and pearls often?

Broten and her husband will destroy the property value of an elderly woman's home and possibly that of their rear neighbour. Of course, I don't expect a Fib to care. Considering that the "little woman" doesn't seem to know much about this project, perhaps she hasn't noticed she has neighbours. Or they are beneath her.

This is typical of the institutionalized hypocrisy endemic in the Fibs. Do as I say, not as I do. The electricity grid is strained to the breaking point, and Broten is going to shovel yet another demand onto it.

Broten is the MPP who politicked on her front step while her dog possibly had internal injuries from running into the road and either being hit by or bouncing off a car. Take from that what you will. Of course, her shar-pei is a "pit bull" and Broten voted for the "pit bull" ban. DUH.

Much to my dismay, Laurel Broten is the MPP for my riding...note that I did not say "my MPP" because she certainly doesn't represent me. Or the elderly woman and other neighbours whose homes will be devalued.

Flick Off, Fib.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Feel safer now? NOT!!!!

chicobandido said it all for me.

I was so angry when I read the article in the Sarnia paper, I was incoherent. I love cats as much as dogs, and can't imagine the horror of seeing a pack tear apart cats and kittens and being trapped in my house, unable to help the cats I'd lovingly raised and cared for, and told by the police not to go out.

The Sarnia police shoot a "pit bull" in its own home, Sarnia tries to kill a mother dog and her pups for being the "wrong" shape, Peterborough wants to kill a 9 year old dog that has done nothing wrong but be born the "wrong" shape, but these vicious and dangerous hounds were not seized, and there is no word about charges against their owner.

But what can one expect in Ontario but a double standard, when the reigning party talks out of both sides of its mouth?