Tuesday, June 3, 2008

For the uninformed who support PETA and HSUS....

...more properly spelled H$U$...I suggest that you take a good, long, hard look at these organizations.

Nathan fg out of both sides of his mouth; read it here, and a tip of the hat to Caveat for the heads-up.

Check out PETA's kill numbers. Tens of thousands of animals killed by PETA. That's not humane, that's a slaughterhouse. It doesn't cost much for euth juice, what is PETA spending its millions on? It sure isn't animal welfare.

If people don't get their heads out of their butts, PETA and H$U$ will eradicate our right to own pets, and domestic animals will be extinct.


So much for public safety in the UK, dog bites up 50% in 10 years

According to an article in the Glasgow Evening Times, read it here.

I guess the U.K.'s Dangerous Dog Act, which has killed thousands of dogs solely on the basis of appearance, is really working ever so well, isn't it? All those dogs who died in dog gulags, starved and neglected and utterly dispirited because they felt abandoned by their owners, who couldn't afford to fight the unfounded, unjust U.K. law.

Much like Ontario, one of the North American dog gulags, thanks to the McGuinty Liberals, where dogs die every day because of media hysteria and political manipulation.