Monday, October 6, 2008

Panic selling proves morons are everywhere

The Globe and Mail headline today says, "Stocks recoup some losses after markets hit by panic selling". Read it here.

This proves that there are far too many people in the stock market who should not be there. This is reminiscent of the early '80s, when panic selling drove prices down because too many people had money they couldn't afford to lose invested in stocks, panicked when prices started to fall, and drove prices farther down with panic selling. They lost their money by their own actions, and the money of others as well.

Just sit on it for a bit. This too shall pass.

I'm starting to think that one should have to take and pass a course on world economics or the free market or even basic investing, before being allowed to buy stocks.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Endangered democracy

There's a terrific post on Caveat about democracy, and defending the rights of owners as well as one's own. Read it here.

There's an article in the Red Star about mindless morons damaging the cars of federal Liberal supporters, damaging cars and cutting brake lines. This is not democracy, this is not an expression of one's political beliefs; this is vandalism that could have a tragic end for someone. has to ask, why do these people feel so disenfranchised by the political process, by the Liberals specifically, that they resort to this extreme of vandalism?

The Liberal record federally is a sad one. Pork barrel politics resulting in millions and millions of dollars being given to Liberal buddies (remember Adscam federally and GrantGate provincially?). Nothing but gladhanding, no significant advances in our country's social fabric. Legislating law-abiding people into second-class citizenship provincially. Health care deteriorating. A feeling that the police can no longer protect us. Massive job losses. Seniors receiving third-world care in nursing homes. Media spewing back political press releases rather than investigating political action (or inaction).

While I despise their methods, I am perturbed that people feel so alienated and abused by the Liberals that they resort to this behaviour. The Liberals should be asking why people are so disenfranchised and bone-deep frustrated that they feel this is their only way of being heard. Shouda, coulda, woulda...the federal and provincial Liberals are such arrogant SOBs that I sadly doubt that they would ever question themselves.

The unexamined politician is a dangerous thing.