Saturday, January 26, 2008

Update on dogs seized from Michael Vick - good news!

Nice piece from CNN....interviewer seemed skeptical, but Tim Racer of Bad Rap won her over. Bad Rap has an update of its own on these dogs on its website, see the beauties!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did you handle a puppy or dog at Dr. Flea's market, Toronto, ON?

If you did, hie thyself to a doctor IMMEDIATELY. A pup sold at Dr. Flea's near Albion and Highway 27 in northwest Toronto, Ontario, Canada died of rabies.

Toronto Public Health has now issued a warning.

More on this story at CityTV and Toronto Sun.

This is VERY important. Please crosspost this information. Once neurological symptoms appear, the disesase is fatal to all warmblooded animals including humans. Read the information from the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta. Symptoms can develop up to seven years after exposure (a bite, for example).

Another strike against buying from backyard breeders, if there weren't enough already. Where were all the authorities who should have been checking these dogs?

Chasing the mythical "pit bull", I guess.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Playing catch-up

Some great blog posts by John Stewart about Rambo in Mississauga, in chronological order: Rambo on the wrong side of the law, Rambo (2) , Rambo-lings (3) , and the latest, Rambo and Ronin . Thanks to The Mississauga News for continuing to provide rational coverage of Rambo's story.

Caveat has been on a roll the last few days.

And some great news out of Louisville, courtesy of Blue Dog State, h/t to Caveat.