Monday, May 11, 2009

Bryant's off the chain again.

Wag The Dog has a nice piece on this Fib's latest foray into....

Someone please explain to me....

1. How a man who couldn't pick a "pit bull" from a series of pictures, even when coached, is going to pick "successful businesses"?

2. If a business is successful, why does it need my tax dollars?

3. If a business isn't successful, why should it be propped up with my tax dollars?

4. What happened to the big freakin' surplus the McGuinty Fibs were trumpeting not so long ago? Where did the dollars go???

5. Why is Bryant trumpeting government as "impactful" (a non-word that kinda sorta makes me wanna hurl) when its impact has been only negative?

More bloody Fiberal nanny-state nonsense. The Fibs are chewing further and further into our right to govern our own lives.

Read the Toronto Sun articles Investment Advice For Dummies and A liberal state of mind, and ask yourself why Dalton McGuinty keeps backing away from Bryant's public pronouncements.

If there were any Fibs in my family, I'd disown them. For overweening arrogance bolstered by matchless stupidity.

Fibs disprove Darwin; I'll never figure out how they survive natural selection.