Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Enough picking my pocket while an MPP goes off to line theirs

So McSquinty is weaseling around to try to get the K-W seat back by giving Elizabeth Witmer a plum post.  Wonder what it pays and what the perks are?

I demand a law requiring any MPP (or MP, for that) to personally pay the cost of a by-election if they leave their seat before the end of their term for reason other than death or dismemberment. Enough of the taxpayers bearing the brunt of a politician skipping out on his or her commitment to constituents.  Why do they run for office if they have no intention of honouring their commitment?

Look at all the by-elections WE the taxpayers paid for when the rats scuttled off McSquinty's sinking ship; Smitherman and Bryant spring to mind, I'm certain others will be named.

Enough of picking my pocket while an MPP toddles off to line theirs.