Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aggregation April 24, 2010

Update: The CHANGE platform and candidate bios are available online now.

Cheating again, stealing others' hard work, hehehe....

One Bark At A Time has great posts on the upcoming Toronto Humane Society board election and on how the City of Brampton is seizing innocent dogs in some whacked vendetta.

I'm looking forward to the THS election and hoping enough THS members have smelled the coffee (and the mummified cat, and the animals who died in agony) to clear the board chairs of the old and bring in the new. A phoenix must be destroyed before being reborn.

Many thanks to the Brampton Guardian for following the story of Brittany and Rambo to other owners who have been hurt by the abuse of authority by Brampton Animal Control. Brampton appears to be a case where authority has been mutated into a power/control freakout that kills innocent dogs and breaks owners' hearts and wallets. Brampton Mayor and City Councillors are hiding behind their chairs, and the comments from Brampton's commissioner of community services (WTF is that, BTW?) make me kinda sorta wanna puke.
Suckage, indeed. Sewage is more like it.

KC Dog Blog has posts on Scotland passing a sensible dog law instead of the U.K.'s draconian, murderous Dangerous Dogs Act, jurisdictions passing non-breed-specific dog law, and thoughts on Brittany and Rambo in the Hole...I mean, the City of Brampton.

Brindle Stick is on a roll about McSquinty backing down on sex ed....too bad it happened after his birth and not before...and the Dumpsville...I mean, the City of Brampton.

Lassie Get Help has a great poster competition for the City of Brampton...I like the first entry, working on my own....

Always interesting stuff on YesBiscuit!...

Time to go outside and consider whether the two-legs truly deserve to inherit the earth.