Saturday, March 22, 2008

Border Collie missing from Dorion, Ontario (near Thunder Bay)

This is a very sad story from the dog world....if you have or see Benny, please have a heart and help him get home.


Benny is a Black and White, Smooth Coated, Border Collie, in athletic condition. He is running "naked" ( NO COLLAR). He has tattoos in BOTH his ears. One tattoo is his registration tattoo with the CBCA and it is ST9R. He also has the tattoo BDBC and in the other ear is 0516. Benny is completely friendly he will come for, pets, food or a game.

Benny is approximately 40-50 lbs, white back feet, tipped tail, and is white to the elbows in front. He has a thin white blaze, white chest and white around the neck "collar". He is not neutered, and is registered with the CBCA as BRILDWNS XANDER.

On Tuesday, March 18, at approximately 11:00 AM he disappeared from 401 Hwy 11/17 Dorion, Ontario CANADA. Benny does not take off so I suspect that someone pulled in and called him to them and drove off with him. It is possible that he did escape the fence and and wander off only to be picked up or even that he escaped and is running home to me here in Thunder Bay from Dorion.

Contact information for Benny's rightful owner is available on the kennel's blog, Bellaclan Border Collies.

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