Thursday, March 20, 2008

Legislate responsibility? Ain't gonna happen.

I hate child pornographers and abusers as much as anyone, and have some humble opinions about what we could use them for...vivisection comes to mind...but trying to legislate responsibility and morality is useless. If a person doesn't have the ethics and morality that would cause them to report child pornography on their own, no law of any kind is going to cause them to report it.

The Fibs are on another rampage of feel-good sound-bite do-nothing law. This is another of Laurel Broten's flicking ideas. Can't wait to see how any charges under this law gum up the already gummed-up court system.

Peter Kormos has sensibly pointed out major flaws in this new Fiberal "initiative". And why is Broten referring to the experts? The Fibs ignored experts in the past, when they ignored all the canine experts who advised that breed-specific legislation doesn't work. Read about it here.

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