Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rachael Ray & Bernadette Peters have class...and love "pit bulls"!

Rachael Ray owned her own pibble, Isaboo (cute name), who passed away last year. Get another pibble, Rachael, there are thousands looking for good homes and you'd give a pup a great one! She has several pibbles on her sites...Bella, Pet of the Month...Daisy, the spokespuppy for Daisy Dog Studio porcelain, which gives half the proceeds from dog bowl sales to pit bull rescue...and has featured Bad Rap and Jonny Justice, one of the Vick-tim dogs, on her talk show.

An article about Bernadette Peters in the Miami Herald, read it here, states:

Kramer's Song is named for Peters' older pet, an 11-year-old ''shaggy dog, Heinz 57 variety,'' she said.
Peters' other pooch, Stella, is a 10-year-old pit bull.
Several years ago, Peters had a home in northern Miami Beach. Then she discovered a big problem: Pit bulls are illegal in Miami-Dade County.
''That's why we moved [to Vero Beach],'' Peters said. ``We were worried about Stella . . . We were afraid they'd take her.''
The pit bull law infuriates Peters. 'You can take any breed and wreck it if you say `Fight, fight, fight.' They're lap dogs. They're very loving.''
[end snip]

I'd like to see more celebrity "pit bull" owners be as outspoken and courageous as Bernadette Peters and Rachael Ray.

Apparently Jon Stewart of the Daily Show has pibbles, he has a huge audience and could do a lot of good for the fight against breed-specific legislation. Michael J. Fox owned pibbles; Jessica Biehl and others.

I'd love to see Jon Stewart and others make public donations to the Pit Bull Band in Denver and Banned Aid in Canada.

Celebrities can do a lot for this fight. For some reason, celebrities' opinions carry a lot of weight with people.

Speak up, people, because you and other responsible dog owners are being legislated into second-class citizenship and good, unoffending dogs are dying by the thousands solely because of their shape.


Mac`s Gang said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that Jon Stewart is about to speak up.
Some broad hints are being dropped.
I hope he remembers Ontario when he does and I hope he sends a few coins our way.
He alone could do wonders for this cause.
They must speak up.
Where is that Canadian Journalist(Hana Gartner)who wrote the touching article(in Macleans) about her Pit that passed away?
We need these people now.

Social Mange said...

Good memory, Mac's Gang, I wish Hana Gartner would speak up. She doesn't have to get political, she can just tell about her dog.