Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rambo still in the slammer

Read about it here. The motion concerning Rambo won't be heard until May. The dog has been in custody since Christmas 2007. The Ontario Liberal government is responsible for depriving a citizen of her unoffending property - her dog - and creating unnecessary stress for an unoffending animal, which is cruelty to an animal by the Lie-berals in my mind.

Oooh, I forgot. The Fibs think that shape is destiny. Ya, and I can tell your future from the bumps on your head. Or in the case of the Fibs, the holes. Dammit, have they checked Dalton for a chin? What does that lack say about his destiny?

Perhaps courts could attend to hearing real criminal cases and not have to release the perpetrators for undue delay if they weren't backlogged with bullsh*t cases like this, where no wrong or harm has been done.

This is just another case under the Liberals' unfounded, unjust, vague and shoddy law where the remedy far exceeds any supposed "crime".

Yo, municipalities! The law does not require you to label a dog as a "pit bull". There's no such thing, the remedy as I understand tossed out the label. So, stop labelling dogs with that moniker, send 'em home to be happy and live long lives with their owners, and save us one boatload of money because baloney cases like this will cease.

If Chris Bentley has ten cents worth of sense, he'll get the Fibs to repeal their breed-specific legislation, wipe the cases off the books, free all the dogs to their owners, wipe out some of the court backlog, and we can get on with life in a province that might be less of a hellhole than it is now.


Mac`s Gang said...

How long should we wait for Chris` decision?

I feel like I`m living in the twilight zone.
We didn`t vote the village idiots out of office.
We tried writing polite pleading letters to the village idiots.
We tried educating the village idiots.
We`ve tried mocking the village idiots.
What`s next?
Is there anything legal left?
I`m up for illegal.

Fayclis said...

The LIVING, breathing, feeling, tail wagging flesh, blood and bone piece of Property TO THE CROWN is a ITEM. A piece of inventory to Be kept on a shelf (3x5cage) until the COURT decides it has the TIME to deal with the ITEM. Till then, Mississauga Animal Control Management, because of its OWN best interests, feels that the dog should not be visited by the owner. NOTE: This is POLICY not LAW and while that might have been the way to deal with Short Term Stays THIS IS NOT SHORT TERM. AC could at the very least give Rambo visits from his owner. Hey AC, IT IS POLICY NOT LAW.

What is going on here? Laws that take basic rights away and promote discrimination and profiling. Animal Services that are punishing not protecting their charges.

The Lunatics ARE running the Asylum.
It IS time to take "our" Ontario back and once again give it to compassionate, feeling, intelligent, common sense, caring Citizens.

Beth said...

Even prisoners on death row get to have visitors. Poor Rambo...I'm ashamed that I live in Mississauga and my tax dollars are paying for this b.s.