Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kentucky pet owners, H$U$ is coming for you and your animals

Stop H$U$ in its tracks. Don't let it have one seat at the table, let alone two.
This was in my mailbox tonight.


If you are in Kentucky, or know any one in Kentucky, please forward. The last thing we need, anywhere, is the Humane Society of the United States having any say in animal control issues.

Please contact the Legislative Message Line 1-800-372-7181 and OPPOSE this bill!!!
SB 206 will be heard before the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resource committee tomorrow at 10:00 in room 129 of the annex.
If passed, the bill will give HSUS 2 seats on the animal control advisory board. An amendment may be made to change the seats to members of the Kentucky Animal Welfare Alliance instead of the HSUS. This group is mainly comprised of members of the rescue community. Consider calling if they are in your district. Just click their name for contact info and district represented.

Link to bill

Bill's Sponsor, Senator Tom Buford, contact info at the link. Call him, write him, fax him, tell him to drop this Bill.

Committee Membership:
a.. Sen. Tom Jensen [Chair]
b.. Sen. Vernie McGaha [Vice Chair]
c.. Sen. David E. Boswell
d.. Sen. Ernie Harris
e.. Sen. Dan Kelly
f.. Sen. Bob Leeper
g.. Sen. Joey Pendleton
h.. Sen. Dorsey Ridley
i.. Sen. Richie Sanders
j.. Sen. Ernesto Scorsone
k.. Sen. Brandon Smith
l.. Sen. Damon Thayer

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