Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Unthinking, uninformed celebrities and PETA

Do the celebrities who support PETA - Bill Maher, Charlize Theron, Joaquin Phoenix, and Dita Von Teese are named in a PETA press release, Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, Pam Anderson, Paul McCartney, Rue McClanahan are named in others - realize that PETA kills animals?

Have these celebrities investigated PETA's own adoption rate? If there is one?

Do they know or care that PETA has a huge freezer in its headquarters? Do they care enough about animals to have asked what it's for?

Do they know or care that PETA is under investigation by the DEA for use of restricted drugs by PETA employees to kill adoptable animals, including a mother cat and her kittens, obtained under false pretenses? That these PETA employees lied to veterinary clinics and shelters to obtain the animals they killed and threw into dumpsters?

PETA members are apparently going to picket the American Kennel Club's championship dog show. Do these people know or care that they're picketing responsible breeders who care about where their animals go, that the responsible breeders are not the cause of sheltered animals?

PETA Director Daphna Nachminovitch is full of it. Responsible breeders are not the problem. Irresponsible owners are the cause of sheltered animals.

Why don't these people have the guts to find and picket puppy mills? Pet stores that sell puppies and kittens from mills? Backyard breeders?

How about PETA putting some of its tens of millions into educating the public on responsible pet ownership? Or running some animal shelters?

Because PETA doesn't want us to own pets.

This PETA manoeuvre is part of its campaign to end pet ownership. Of any kind. Forever.

Why don't these celebrities ask Ingrid wazzerface why she accepted medical treatment for her broken arm? Medical treatment, painkillers, antibiotics...all tested on animals. Which testing she purportedly abhors. But not enough to refuse treatment.

Is Ingrid more important than a child with cancer?

Why don't these celebrities ask the PETA vice-president why she uses insulin for her diabetes? Insulin that was tested on dogs? Which testing she purportedly abhors. But not enough to refuse treatment.

Is this vice-president more important than a senior with a heart condition?

PETA thinks all medical research tested on animals should end. Well, then, they should bloody well refuse all medical treatment. So should all the celebrities who support PETA. To fail to do so is supreme, shameless hypocrisy.

Have these celebrities checked out PETA's donations to and support of Animal Liberation Front, whose members have harassed and assaulted people and put human lives at risk?

Have these celebrities bothered to check out PETA's financials? Asked where the tens of millions are being spent?

Do these celebrities know that Ingrid wazzername uses PETA for her personal vendetta against a particular type of dog (which the nit calls a "breed") and promotes breed-specific legislation that kills unoffending dogs and makes responsible dog owners into second-class citizens?

To me, Petaphiles are blithering, babbling, unthinking, uninformed idiots, led by raving money-grubbing hypocrites.

The celebrities' failure to do due diligence on this organization is to me a very good reason not to spend any money on their movies or music. and let the distributing companies know why. Don't watch television programs they're in, and let the advertisers know why. Hit 'em in the pocketbook.

Don't donate to PETA. Donate to those who use your hard-earned dollars responsibly. Donate to reputable shelters and rescues who keep the animals alive, not kill them. Donate to the organizations who are fighting for our right to have a pet animal.

PETA has blood on its hands, greed on its face, and lies in its eyes.

The above advertisement was gleefully filched without consent from the Center for Consumer Freedom. Since they never wrote me to say "no" to my use of it, I'm assuming their answer is a "yes".


Caveat said...

Great rant.

These 'celebrities', most of whom are second-string at best, think that supporting Peta, H$U$, etc, is a warm, fuzzy thing to do. They probably think these orgs actually care about animals and help animals.

Actors aren't known for great intellect, especially film actors. There are obviously exceptions but film acting isn't really acting - it's holding still for the camera in most cases. Stage acting is acting which is why film stars who come from the stage are more than just a pretty face.

Speaking of pretty faces, there aren't many in Hollywood these days. Most of them look like 3rd Ave hookers to me - the men and the women. If you passed them on the street you'd figure you were in a sleazy neighbourhood.

The sociopaths in the AR movement are being discredited all over the place.

Nat Winogard's 'Redemption' is a wonderful book, I just started it yesterday and I can't put it down. Talk about a smackdown for H$U$, Peta and the ASPCA.

Too bad the 'shelter' and 'animal rights' community can't stop putting down healthy, adoptable, innocent animals.

Fie on the lot of them!

Mac`s Gang said...


That says it all.
They prey on the innocent!

Great column

Animals were NOT dumped at my farm over the years because of reputable breeders of purebred dogs,they WERE dumped by irresponsible owners that DON`T understand what the human/animal bond is all about.

I`d like to add-Don`t support TV shows or movies in which these
Peta "stars" appear and tell the sponsors why.

Mac`s Gang said...

I`m back
Just checked out WSPA site mentioned on CAVEAT.

I see no mention of the slaughter of innocent Ontario "Pitbulls" (I wrote and asked if they could point out their mention of this issue in case I missed it) despite their claims of helping all animals and they also have their share of "celebrity" supporters.

[quote]WSPA believes that all animals have an intrinsic value, and should be respected and protected. This non-selective philosophy extends to animals wild and domestic, those kept as COMPANION ANIMALS and those raised as livestock. We do not focus simply on one issue, or deal with only certain kinds of animals. We believe that ALL animals need our assistance and that the needs of animals transcend international boundaries.[/quote]

Caveat said...

Typical response, can't wait to see their answer about 'pit bulls', although I think I know what it will say.

Meddling, arrogant busybodies. Animals don't need you. Get over it.