Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Dalton trimming the fat"

So reads a Toronto Sun headline today. What, he's decapitating some OntFib MPPs?

I see that the McSquinty Marketers are set to introduce yet another useless, feel-good ban. Which leads to the fact that people who support or accept bans are unthinking dolts who do not realize that these nanny state laws just whittle away at one's personal rights, one by one, until the real rights are gone and it's too late to cry.

McSquinty and his minions are chewing away at individual rights like rats on a rope, and most people can't see the process, that bans affect only the law-abiding, and that ban upon ban upon ban just turns the forest of one's rights into toothpicks.

Which will probably be banned in the end.

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Caveat said...

Great post, I love it when you rip up the Fibs!!!!!!!