Sunday, December 2, 2007

Distance = disassociation?

First of all...I've thought of a new name for the Ontario Liberals. They're now the McSquinty Marketers. They don't govern, they market, pandering to gain approval from the unthinking.

Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun has an interesting column today, read it here.

Her interpretation of Mikey Bryant's seat in the Legislature and the seating arrangements for the other MPPs gives me great amusement. Is McSquinty trying to disassociate himself from Mikey? Hey, I would too, given that Mikey and the McSquinty Marketers legislated law-abiding people into second-class citizenship and utterly p*ssed them off, and most of Mikey's "initiatives" are being repealed by the courts.

I agree with Ms. Blizzard's take on George Smitherman's chances for being Premier. Being openly gay and an ex-addict don't play in the sticks and may not play well in urban areas, despite his marriage.

I am curious about one thing, though. If McSquinty steps down half-way through, can voters sue him for false advertising and breach of contract? Leaving before his four-year stint has ended, apparently a planned act considering previous media columns, means to me that he lied to the voters by running for election.

I don't care whose bee-hind is parked where when the cameras roll, I still question McSquinty's attitude towards women. His refusal to boot Kinsella from his power cabal for publicly demeaning a female (Tory) MPP is to me proof that McSquinty has a bad attitude towards women. Second proof to me is the fact that there are no women leading the "power" ministries of Finance and Attorney General.

Haven't had time to read the Throne speech and dissect it, I'll work on that.


Caveat said...

Don't waste your time on the Throne Speech - it was just fluff and the Fibs never do what they say they will , anyway.

I enjoyed the column but thought Blizzard was really stretching things, for a couple of reasons:

Nobody but me watches the Legislative Assembly regularly - at least it seems that way.

Even I, who watch almost daily and have for a few years now (yikes!) couldn't give a tinker's dam who sits wear. To be honest, I never gave it much thought at all.

The House Leader always sits beside the Speaker. I doubt McGuinty appointed Brytler as HL to keep him off camera, since he was rarely on camera in his old seat behind and well to the left of McGuinty. I think he did it to punish him for being a media hound and a loudmouth.

Caveat said...

"who sits wear"

Man, I'm making some weird typos lately.

Maybe I was thinking of what Bryant wears, like that green suit with pants that are too short...whoever dresses him should look at some styles that have come out over the past two decades.