Saturday, December 8, 2007

Got a problem dog? I've got the trainer for you!

If you're in the Greater Toronto area and you're new to dog ownership and training, or have a dog with issues, or just want to be a better dog owner and trainer, you must take lessons with Steve Barker. His website is Steve Barker Training.

I've seen Steve at work with dogs, and he is a natural. He has studied many different techniques and theories of dog training, and has years of experience with dogs including problem dogs.

Steve helped me with foster dogs I had; I've seen first-hand how very, very good he is. Steve took one hyper, hyper foster dog, showed me how to get the dog's attention and use positive training methods to make the dog more secure in my leadership and more attentive to my commands. The change in the foster dog was amazing.

I applied the techniques Steve taught me with two older dogs I owned, and found that old dogs can learn new tricks, especially when Steve is teaching them.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I'd recommend Steve to anybody who wants some advice and insight into handling their dog.

I wish I lived closer - he's one of the few who bugged my dachshund and lived to tell about it LOL

Steve's dogs are so well behaved but still know how to have fun. They are a great advertisement for him.