Thursday, March 27, 2008 gets it!

There is an excellent editorial on summarizing everything that's wrong with breed-specific legislation.

I love it. A media person has done the research and sees the truth. It's very heartening. Now to get the politicos to think beyond their noses.

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Mac`s Gang said...

That is a good article.
So simple and straightforward.
A good animal control program and strict enforcement....Calgary.

I am just so sick of what`s going on here.It`s so obvious that this has absolutely nothing to do with protecting people from dangerous dogs.
This has to be due to the Animal Rights agenda of ending pet companionship.
I see that as the only possible explanation.
I think world wide pet owners are soon going to reach the conclusion that defiance by responsible owners is the only answer.
This is sheer insanity and it has to end and if we can`t end it legally then it will have to end by another means.
This really is war and I hope people start to realize that.
Maybe it`s almost time to get as crazy as the other side.
I know I won`t put up with this much longer.
There are 2 courts to go.