Monday, March 24, 2008

Ladies on the tube!

Streaming video of the Rogers Cable March 19th Talk Live show is now available and listen as three very articulate ladies kick the stuffing out of Ontario's "pit bull" ban. Go to this page, pick March 19th from the TL Streaming Video 2008 dropdown menu on the right, and savour.

Heira's owner is on CHCH Television at 11:30 p.m. on Monday, March's channel 11 with antenna, I think it's Rogers Cable 10. Heira is the elderly dog in Brantford whose owners went to get her 2008 license, were told by the City they hadn't gotten her 2007 license, and that the City wants them to move Heira out of Brantford, kill Heira or hand Heira over to the SPCA. Here's a link to the original post. Brantford sucks. Big time. What a hole.


Mac`s Gang said...

How come we only see a bit of it?
It was good.
I wish I could see all of it.
Is that possible?
Caveat should have done more of the talking.

Caveat said...

I've ordered a complete copy. I was pretty shows. I got a lot of info out that night...heh.

I like the way Brad says 'there's no such thing as a 'pit bull', which was near the end of the show. Ace!

As for Brantford - it's a toilet. I believe the city was recently named the Sexual Assault Capital of Canada - good thing they banned 'pit bulls'...

Mac`s Gang said...

I really liked it when he said "I just learned that there is no such thing as a "Pit Bull"
I wanted to reach out and hug him.
And I loved it when Caroline said "Why go looking for trouble?"
Let`s hope a few more Municipalities start to think before they mouth the word "Pit Bull".
You did great but you should be in the first chair.