Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another dog destined to die because of Fiberals' BS-L

Update: If you lost your dog to the Ontario Liberals' unfounded and unjust law, send me pictures of your dog. Don't let your dog be another faceless, nameless and voiceless statistic. socialmange @ without the spaces.

Read about Heira on Barking Mad....and go to the website, sign the petition.

Remember Heira's sweet face, and Munchie's, and Rambo's...and remember all the faceless dogs that died and owners whose hearts were broken because of the Ontario Liberals' unfounded, unjust law.


Mac`s Gang said...

I wish the owners who have had dogs killed or have dogs in custody would provide pictures.
Doggie jail may not allow reporters in to take pictures but owners could provide the pictures to bloggers.
I would start a whole new blog just to show their faces.

Caveat said...

If that's a 'pit bull', then I'm Julia Roberts!

What a crock of shit.

My friend who is a councillor in BrantHell is on it.

Mac`s Gang said...

I used to think I sorta,kinda knew what a "Pit Bull" might look like in the mind`s eye of the people that want to kill them, but now I don`t have a clue(Just like Michael Bryant).

I think "Up Yours Dalton" may really be in trouble if I don`t purchase a license this year.