Saturday, March 1, 2008

Help bring attention to an outrageous injustice

UPDATE: Lassie Get Help has a nice take on Toronto's Gulag for Dogs, read it here.

The owners of Munchie, Sheila Yeung and Angela Feng, were working on Munchie's appeal and its financing when Toronto Animal Services killed Munchie. They weren't even told that Munchie had been killed; a reporter told them when he called them for their reaction.

This is an outrage. The case against Munchie was not proven; there is no record, no proof of any bite to the complainant or his dog. Cheryl Smith, renowned for her knowledge of dog behaviour, found Munchie non-aggressive. Munchie and his owners had not had all their days in court. Word on the street is that Toronto Animal Services abused Munchie by handling him only with a catchpole, never letting him outside and never allowing his owners to visit him. From beloved pet with a home, to a tormented captive in a municipal pound. From a report in the Toronto Star, Toronto Animal Services killed Munchie well in advance of the end of his appeal date.

This is an outrage. A case never proven. A dog seized and killed by Toronto Animal Services on an unproven case, without due process for the owners. All because of the bullsh*t McGuinty and Bryant law.

Write the editors of local and national papers and let them know what you think of this injustice, this outrage. Make sure you send to only one at a time so your letter doesn't go into a spam filter, and that your full name, address and phone number are on the letter.

Editor, Toronto Star - lettertoed @ (without the spaces)
Editor, National Post - letters @ (without the spaces)
Editor, Globe & Mail - Letters @ (without the spaces)
Editor, Toronto Sun - torsun.editor @ (without the spaces)

Tell Mayor Miller of Toronto what you think of this case:

mayor_miller @ (without the spaces)

Swamp them. Let them know we're angry, and we're not going to be quiet or go away.


No BSL said...

When I read in the paper that they found out when a Reporter spoke to them,my heart broke for them.
I`ll be firing off the letters.
This is exactly why Rambo needs to get bail and be some place safe so he`s alive for his appeals if they become necessary.

Anonymous said...

I also will be firing off a few letters. Thanks for making it easy with the addresses.

Munchie was put down only 17 days into a 30 day appeal period. THIS story is NOT over yet.