Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now I understand the weather in the Big Smoke....

...George Smitherman, an Ontario Fiberal, apologized, so Hell must have frozen over.

What a dweeb. I suggest that he sit in the soaked diaper for a couple of days until he has urine scald, and then he will perhaps have an inkling of the physical pain seniors suffer because of inadequate care. That won't, of course, cause Furious George the emotional trauma and damaged pride that seniors suffer, having to use diapers and sit in their own waste because the Fiberals have ignored the issue of inadequate care for seniors.

Somebody stuff the damm diaper in Furious George's mouth, before he yet again says something equally dim.

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No BSL said...

I hope someone fills that diaper with something other than urine before they shove it down his throat.
What goes around comes around Georgie.
There are some fairly young people in Nursing homes that have had strokes.
I have never wished ill upon anyone until now.
I hope you experience a Nursing home firsthand, shortly.
Take the millions that is being spent on slaughtering dogs and persecuting/prosecuting law abiding Ontario citizens and spend it on our Seniors.