Monday, February 25, 2008

Fast notes at night

OK, I have had it up the wazoo with people waving flags and trying to restrict my rights on the basis that their "precious children" might be harmed.

Latest bunch of crackpots want the television show Dexter taken off the air, because it's "too violent for their children". I love Dexter. Yo, squealers, get off your fat duffs and turn off the set. The program is on at 10 at night, what are your kids doing up? You're a lousy parent if you can't have them in bed at a decent hour, or control their television viewing. Don't try to cut off a great program because you're too freakin' lazy or incompetent to do your job.

Brings to mind all the crackpot "parent" groups down in the U.S. that have suddenly sprung up on the 'net, screeching for breed-specific legislation. Methinks me smells the stink of a particular city official in all's his style, just like the "private" online group he had (I heard he got royally reamed for doing it on the taxpayers' tick). These "parent" groups (I question how many of them are actually parents, how many are nutbars, and whether they may all be one person *grin*) don't let the facts get in their way, nosirree.

When did the population's overall IQ drop so many points?


kcdogblog said...

I think the IQ began dropping when we started instituting the programs to protect the most ignorant among us from just killing themselves out of stupidity. Darwin used to take care of these folks, now they are trying to run our country and have the government take care of everything they're too lazy to do themselves.

No BSL said...

Hey I love Dexter too.
When I was growing up I wasn`t allowed to watch TV during the week.
I was allowed to pick one parent approved program on Sat night and one on either Fri or Sunday night.
It was called being raised by my parents.
Maybe we should try that again one of these days.
I would be much more concerned about children watching our politicians perform in the legislature.
They`re liable to grow up to be self-centered,rude,obnoxious,ignorant

Anonymous said...

Dexter is pretty good, I just started watching it. Like, if you don't want to watch it, change the channel. Or if you do but your kids are still up, tape it and watch it later.

Know what? I hate reality shows like Idol, Amazing Race, etc. Can't stand sports or variety shows either. I'd like them taken off the air and replaced with English mystery and police procedurals, US shows like Dexter, documentaries and movies. So, I just pretend I'm part of a group and whine for awhile and all those crappy shows will be gone? Cool.

KC is right on and I'd add encouraging them to breed and produce more little twits hasn't exactly helped matters.

And Kartoon Kapers Kory and his Komedy Klowns can bite me.