Saturday, February 9, 2008

Peta-crites pimping shelter animals again

Peta has mucho dinero to spend on television advertisements in NYC and other locales irrationally and unjustifiably slandering the American Kennel Club.

Peta-crites, why don't you spend that money to rescue some of the "millions of unwanted animals in shelters" that you keep pimping to fill your coffers?

Oh. I forgot. Peta just kills "unwanted" animals. God forbid that the animals should be rehomed and live long and happy lives as pampered pets. Peta wants to end your right to own a pet, and thinks that an animal's only "right" is to die at the end of a Peta needle.

As you may have guessed, I despise Peta.

I depise the hypocrisy of their leaders, the lies and prevarications, the hidden agendas.

I despise Peta for sucking money out of the unwary and misusing it.

I despise Peta for killing 97% of the animals surrendered to it...that doesn't include the ones Peta employees lie to obtain, then kill and dump.

I despise Peta for spending millions on "consultants", and a considerable sum for a huge freezer to store the bodies of animals it kills.

I despise Peta for being dishonest; it's not a charity, it's a political lobby.

This ad against the AKC is just another example of Peta dishonesty, manipulation and misuse of individual donations which good-hearted people thought would go to animal welfare, not to promoting Peta's hidden agenda.

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Anonymous said...

Since Ingrid is one of the most abused, unwanted animals in the US, I really think the only fair thing for her is a 'humane' death in a Peta van.

She can't be rehabbed and it's widely accepted that she is deranged and deluded.

Don't you agree that her suffering should end?