Sunday, February 10, 2008

Is Mikey on Dalton's *hit list?

First, Mikey Bryant gets demoted (commonly acknowledged, regardless of Fibspin). Now, this from the Toronto Star...

[snip]A 2003 report for the Attorney-General has identified serious problems in the province’s special prosecutions unit, including lack of experience and resources.

Those problems may have helped cause the collapse of the corruption case against six Toronto police officers, say those familiar with the unit. [end snip]

Hmmm. What was Mighty Mikey doing in 2003? Why, chasing his tail to get his "pit bull" ban passed, of course.

This report was issued during Mikey's watch, for his ministry. I wonder how badly he's going to get slagged in the very near future...because Dalton doesn't seem to take kindly to usurpers. Notice how quiet Mikey's been lately? Who glued the cork in his mouth and put the bag over his head to end the photo ops?

I wait with bated breath and anticipation of much amusement.

While we wait, a lovely piece on Caveat entitled Every Now And Then, Someone Comes Along. Read it here.


DryCreek said...

Mikey Lie-ant seems to be busy kissing Dalton McGuilty's arse and sucking up to the Legislature. Have you read this...

My fav quote from above....

"I'm disappointed. It's coming out of left field, unannounced. This is not how you address the standing orders," said Kormos, who accused Bryant of a "knee-jerk" reaction to long-standing calls for reform.

Imagine that, a knee jerk reaction from a Fiberal!

Caveat said...

Yes, they are all POd because Brytler wants to set question period for 9:30 am. Works for me, but he kind of sprung this on everybody yesterday afternoon.

Gee, Brytler springing stuff on people? No consultation?

Who'd a thunk it?

Social Mange said...

Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun has an interesting take on the early question period, which hadn't occurred to me.

Grits ducking accountability with new hours