Monday, February 4, 2008

Pibble HIDES UNDER A PILLOW while home is burglarized

Check out the cutie pie pup in the video...that hid under a pillow while his owner beat the burglar with a baseball bat. Read and see it here.

Ticking time bomb, my foot. More like quivering mound of jelly.


Mac`s Gang said...

Too funny

I could tell you a story about a Pibble and a mouse.

One of them had to be coaxed out of his crate and it wasn`t the mouse.

Oh yeah they`re tough.

kcdogblog said...

The funniest thing like this mine have ever done was one day apparently a grasshopper got into our house and I heard some commotion in the other room, I walked in to see my pibble playbowing to the grasshopper trying to get it to play with him.

Charlie said...

Hilarious! Oh, they are just the meanest, huh? Too bad the commentators didn't make a big deal about the pit bull in this story. Guess nice pibbles just don't sell!