Friday, February 8, 2008

Devil Dogs, Lies, Damn Lies & Media Hype

You may have run across some of the slavering U.K. coverage of an elderly man who died in the road, and accusations that his Rottweiler had killed him. Of course, the media has moved on to the next "if it bleeds, it leads" headline without bothering to follow up on the story and correct their false accusations.

Ryan O'Meara has the truth. Read it here.

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Mac`s Gang said...

I can`t believe that there aren`t laws to deal with the media over this.

If they were accusing a human of attacking or killing another human without the facts up front,there would be hell to pay when the truth came out.

My dog would nudge and paw at me on the couch if I was just sick.

I can just imagine what they would do if they couldn`t rouse you and a crowd was making them feel threatened.

AS far as the Rottweiler being the next devil dog.That`s already here.
Who`s next after that?
I certainly remember when the Dobe was the devil.