Saturday, June 23, 2007

Get out your wit and your knives....

...and enter the first annual Bash The Ontario Fiberals competition. No prizes, the rules are my own and arbitrary, I delete anything I don't like, and I am the final say on what wins. On whim - rather like the Fibs are governing Ontario.

Sharpen your wit and your (rhetorical) pencil, and gimme your best Liberal bashes. No libelling, the Fibs are doing the best possible job of destroying their reputation. No "yer mother wears army boots" stuff. Think Oscar Wilde, not Andrew Dice Clay. If you don't know Oscar Wilde, read some of his quotations here to understand what I mean.

If he had one more neuron, he'd have a synapse.
Whenever a Liberal speaks, the smog level rises.

Go forth and create!

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