Monday, June 25, 2007

Feel safer now? NOT!!!!

chicobandido said it all for me.

I was so angry when I read the article in the Sarnia paper, I was incoherent. I love cats as much as dogs, and can't imagine the horror of seeing a pack tear apart cats and kittens and being trapped in my house, unable to help the cats I'd lovingly raised and cared for, and told by the police not to go out.

The Sarnia police shoot a "pit bull" in its own home, Sarnia tries to kill a mother dog and her pups for being the "wrong" shape, Peterborough wants to kill a 9 year old dog that has done nothing wrong but be born the "wrong" shape, but these vicious and dangerous hounds were not seized, and there is no word about charges against their owner.

But what can one expect in Ontario but a double standard, when the reigning party talks out of both sides of its mouth?

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