Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dalton goes wild with OUR more ways than one

Another great column by Christina Blizzard of the Toronto Sun. Read it here.


Jamie and Mac said...

[quote]Apparently, they believe voters are stupid and can't figure out for themselves that they're going to be bought with their own taxes. I believe what they are doing simply feeds voter cynicism about the whole political process.[/quote]

I`m not sure if they`re stupid but they certainly are apathetic about calling their MPP`S or their MP`s.If you can`t be bothered simply picking up a phone and dialing 10 digits and asking(telling) your MPP that you want the costs of Bill 132 disclosed or the costs of The Autism case disclosed,then IMO you are approaching stupid.That is probably what Dalton is counting on.Just spoke to a concerned? taxpayer that wanted to know if we(dog owners) were going to pursue the issue of costs.Apparently we all have tons of money to do that.Pick up your DAMN phones people and start calling your MPP`S and MP`S and make them accountable!
Do you have to own a "Pit" to give a damn?

Selma said...

No, you don't have to own a DOLA dog, you just have to have properly firing neurons, knowledge of history, an IQ higher than room temperature and a strong attachment to your constitutional rights. When you think of it, that leaves out a lot of people.

We'll worry about the expenses when Dolton and his cabal are OOOO - Out Of Office in October.

You can't blame them for thinking voters are not too swift. Let's face it, they've gotten away with all kinds of things, including getting elected in the first place.

I note that some of McGutless's shills are blathering on their blogs - er musings - about how the Fibs will be re-elected in October.

Yeah, that's why Gerard Kennedy, Tony Wong, Joe Cordiano, Tim Peterson, Jennifer Mossop, Marie Bountrogianni and maybe others I've forgotten have quit.

That's why the Fibs lost those byelections.

That's why you can't find anybody except members of the Fib in-crowd or recipients of pork who will defend them in conversation.

OOOO Dalton.

Jamie and Mac said...

My apologies to the people that don`t own "Pits" and do give a damn and I know that there are a lot of you but I`m about to go off the deep end because of these Liberal idiots.They have stolen 21/2 years of our lives and it`s time we will never get back.
If they get in again I may just have to go house to house and smack the people that vote for them.