Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Velcome to Vunderland

Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant is trumpeting again, this time threatening the owners of fast it here.

I have said it in the past, and I say it again. Ontarians should be very, very afraid of Michael Bryant. He seems hellbent on making Ontario a totalitarian state, where one can't sneeze without government approval.

First he passed a law designed to kill dogs.
Then he started seizing real property. Not because it was purchased with the proceeds of criminal activity, but just because criminal activity purportedly occurred in the premises.
Now he wants to seize and crush cars.

The taxi driver who was killed on Mount Pleasant by two street racers...if memory serves, the kids were driving their parents' cars.

Hmm... wonder if the Fibs have the guts to seize and crush the Ferraris, Porsches and other speedy machines owned by their target demographic, the upper middle class professional? Or are they only going after the young kids who don't have the money or political savvy to fight back?

Bet'cha the legal challenge of Bill 132 was a big-o surprise to the Fibs. They never thought dog owners would defend "pit bulls" and their responsible owners. They never expected dog owners to band together as they have (with more becoming educated/informed and joining the fight every day). The Fibs never expected people to see that law for what it is - targeting people who have done no wrong and legislating them into second-class citizenship.

To quote Selma from an earlier comment, OOOOO. Out Of Office in October, Fibbers.


Selma said...

I'm still laughing at your headline!

Yes, Bryant is a threat to democracy, no question. Not to mention an insult to public office and the principles upon which our justice system is founded.

Bryant's gotta go!

Jamie and Mac said...

The man is just a sniveling little pathetic cowardly weasel.
I think I hear a knock at the door.
Coming Michael.
Come on Mikey,sue us.