Saturday, June 16, 2007

Can you buy love?

When someone on the street tries to buy love, that person is called a "john".

The Ontario Fiberals are trying to buy some love in time for the fall election...with our money.

$17.5B transit plan proposed - Ya, right, four years in office and the Fibs announce this AFTER they shut down the Legislature three weeks early. Nothing can happen on this till after the eleection. Sooo, don't hang your hat on it, it's one of their bribes to try to get back into office. And don't believe it. It's an election promise, and McGuinty hides behind a court decision that he can't be held to election promises.

Gambling money offered to Indians - Are the Fibs trying to buy their way out of another Caledonia? Which the Fibs ignored while it escalated, much to the detriment of the citizens of Caledonia.

Province appoints McMurtry and Curling to probe youth violence in wake of Jordan Manners slaying - Just what we need, another committee. Is there an ambulance the Fibs won't chase?

Liberals criticized for climate 'inaction' - We supposedly have a Minister of the Environment. All she's done in four years is vote for a law that targeted her own dog, and tell us to Flick Off. I think that qualifies as less (or more?) than 'inaction". Paralysis?

At universities, A is the new B - In other words, universities are dumbing down. So much for improved education in Ontario.

As the summer progresses, I'll add to the list as McGuinty & Co. scramble to avoid getting their b*tts kicked in the fall. Hey, some people on the street pay for that...

I have a vision of McGuinty and Co. standing on a streetcorner, trying to buy love...and getting busted by the voters.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, baby! Keep talking!

Mac and the rest of the gang said...

Yeah and sometimes they end up with incurable diseases.We can only hope.